Arabischlehrer - Berlin

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Stadt / Herkunftsland: Lebanon

Muttersprache: Arabisch

Sprachen: Englisch, Französisch


I have over 10 years of experience of Arabic teaching. I focus on writing, pronunciation but also conversational Arabic with the Lebanese dialect. I give classes to all levels from beginner to advanced. I can provide lessons for specific needs and interests. I will provide the material for each lesson, no additional cost is required.


I have a masters degree in international affairs and a bachelor degree in Arabic studies from Beirut, Lebanon.

I have worked as a translator from Arabic to French/English and from French/English to Arabic.


I have taught the course "Arabic for beginners" in Montreal, Canada in a community center. This course was addressed to the people who want to have an introduction to the Arabic language.

I have worked as private tutor for consultants from Montreal that were traveling to the Middle East and needed a basic knowledge of Arabic for work related reasons.

I have also taught the Arabic language to children from different ages that live in Montreal and that have parents from Arabic background. These kids were familiar to the language because they spoke it at home but never learned how to write it. I have used a different method of teaching for these kids.

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