Französischlehrer - Berlin

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Stadt / Herkunftsland: Grenoble, France

Muttersprache: Französisch

Sprachen: Arabisch, Englisch, Spanisch


Hallo !

A few weeks ago, I came to Belin, and would be happy to give ou a hand !

My name is Linda, I'm 25, and I just finished my studies in general medicine, in Rabat, in Morocco.

I'm planning on doing my specialization here, so I've started to learn German.

For two years I have been a private tutor for children, in math mainly, between 14-19 years old, and in anatomy for a few months. And I really enjoyed it!

So, let me know if you need help ! And I would be happy to teach you French or help you improve it!



Scientific Baccalaureate - Specialising in Mathematics - Lycée Français Descartes in Rabat (French school) - 2010.

General medical degree - Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat - 2017.


French, Math, biology - Rabat, Morocco - Children between 14 and 19 y.o.

Anatomy - Rabat, Morocco - 19 and 20 y.o. students.