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Daniel Wendler


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Sprachen: Spanisch, Englisch


Hello, I am Daniel from Argentina, actually living in Berlin.

I am a singer and vocal coach but also an actor and a dancer.

Generally, my Singing Lessons have three big moments:

The first one is a Warm up (put the body in the right muscular tone, check the alignment, some exercises about the breathing and the diaphragm support (appoggio), etc); the second part is the Vocalization (vocal technique, specifically) and the third part is the Repertory (here, we work on the relation/dialogue between the vocal technique and the song/aria), each student chooses the kind of repertory their want to sing.

This structure is not fixed. I modify it in relation with every student process and in conversation with what each student needs or wants. The most important thing is to understand that learn to sing is a process and the class is a personal space for work in that with delicacy.


2004-2008 (graduated)
Guitar interpretation – Escuela de Música, Danza y Teatro “Constancio Carminio” - UADER (Universidad Autónoma de Entre Ríos) - Paraná, Entre Ríos.

Private singing classes
2009/2017 Silvia Meuli (Buenos Aires)
2017/2018 Victor Torres (Buenos Aires)

2011-2013 (graduated)
Dancer and interpreter in Contemporary Dance – Escuela del Ballet Contemporáneo del Teatro San Martín – Buenos Aires.
2009/2017 (graduated)
B.A. in Acting - IUNA (Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte) – Buenos Aires.

Ballet Professional Training – Fundación Julio Bocca: Daniel Negroni, Ricardo Rivas, Sonia Von Potobsky. Buenos Aires.

Contemporary Dance Professional Training - Ana Garat, Gabriel Contreras, David Señoran, Shai Faran, David Zambrano, Judith Sanchéz Ruiz. Buenos Aires/Europe.

Ballet Professional Training with Biomechanical elements – Asociación Arte & Cultura - Luis Baldasarre. Buenos Aires.


I was working as Vocal Coach during more than 5 years in private lessons and as Vocal Director in shows/performance (Chile, Argentina and France).
I received student with different backgrounds and with different aims, so each class is in a very personal and particular way. All the levels are welcome.
The most important thing is to understand that the voice is a complex instrument with many possibilities and to be able to work on it.

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