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Simon Ganly


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Sprachen: Englisch, Deutsch



Mein Nahme ist Simon. Ich komme aus Ireland. Ich habe Musik Unterricht seit 10 Jahren gelehrt. Ich mag Menschen inspirieren. Ich liebe lehren. Ich kann Musik Unterricht auf grund Deutsche geben.

Hello, my name is Simon Ganly and I have been teaching music (piano and guitar) for over 10 years. I love teaching, mainly the fact that I learn so much from doing it myself. I can teach in basic German, as I taught in a music school in Munich for three years. I love to inspire people.


I have a degree in music from the D,I.T. Conservatory of Music and Drama, Ireland 2005
Diploma in piano performance from the London College of Music, 2004


I taught piano and guitar in England for three and a half years, in schools (to children) and privately to many children and adults
I also taught in Germany for three and a half years, in a music school called "Notenwald" in Munich, where I taught children, teenagers and adults. I also taught many people privately during this time.
I have also taught English in Istanbul, Turkey to students of all ages in an English school, using the Callan method (about 50 students, mostly adults and teenagers). This also involved teaching in companies, mainly a clothing company called Aydinli which sometimes had me in front of groups of 15 people.

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