Drontheimer Str. 36a

Drontheimer Str. 36a, 13359 Berlin, Germany



Bitte mein Beschreibung auf Englisch Lesen. Ich vesuche Deutsch lernen, aber kann ich noch nicht auf Deutsch lehren. Vielen Dank!

I am offering guitar lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced guitarists. I teach students songs they love in styles including jazz, rock, blues, folk, indie, pop. I ensure that students are using proper technique and learning music theory in order to provide a rounded learning experience.

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In lessons I aim to get students playing something they know and love as soon as possible. Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced I can help you expand your knowledge and enjoyment of playing guitar whilst maintaining good technique, all in a relaxed and friendly teaching environment.

I make sure to get to know exactly what each student wants to achieve from their lessons and plan learning goals and materials to help make your guitar playing aspirations a reality.

Hourly rates: (EUR €)

1 student: 30.00
2 students: 20.00
3+ students: 18.00
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