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Cómo hacer promociones efectivas por internet y atraer clientela, crear eventos, postear fotos y hasta postear durante las actividades.

How to make effective promo on Internet, creating events, post photo and report quickly meanwhile you're in the events.

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En este curso podrás utilizar la creatividad mediante la especialización de tu negocio de manera eficaz sin invertir mucho tiempo con pocos resultados.

Stundensätze: (USD $)
1 Schüler: $20.00
2 Schüler: $15.00
3 + Schüler: $10.00
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Cómo atraer clientela a través de las Redes Sociales? Muchas veces pensamos que con simplemente postear eventos y productos atraemos la clientela. Pero realmente requiere de mucho tiempo y monitoreo en las redes sociales para atraer clientes. En este curso aprenderás varias estrategias efectivas.

How to attractive clients with social media? Sometimes we thinking about is quickly that clients likes some post that we make it. But reality, we need monitoring and spend too much times. In the course I will learn you effective strategies.

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Te gustaría aprender cómo atraer la clientela utilizando las redes sociales? No te pierdas este curso para aprender varias estrategias

Stundensätze: (USD $)
1 Schüler: $25.00
2 Schüler: $18.00
3 + Schüler: $12.00
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Asia is a booming market with today's top businesses lining up to be here as China is becoming the number 1 consumer for tomorrow. In this course, I will quickly walk you through my experiences working in China and will give you a general overview of how to do business there.

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This course will have 5 major components:
1) Introduction to the Chinese market - Huan Ying ni!
2) Bridging the culture - what is there to know about the mindset in Chinese business
3) Building the guanxi - all about chinese relationship
4) The big information gap - what's missing behind the great firewall
5) Get ready to set up shop - the resource guide

Stundensätze: (CAD $)
1 Schüler: $30.00
2 Schüler: $25.00
3 + Schüler: $20.00
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Preparation for special communication situations
for example, foreign contacts, conferences and negotiations
An active speaking and systematic vocabulary building
Voice security for Small Talk, meetings and presentations
English for the Office - phone calls, correspondence...

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One learns best by speaking the language.

To have every opportunity in your training I will capture typical situations, use concrete speaking events, appropriate reactions and to practise and reinforce language skills in the dialog. So you have your language skills at any time you need them.

Stundensätze: (EUR €)
1 Schüler: 18.00
2 Schüler: €16.00
3 + Schüler: €14.00
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