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You opened a website, but the visitors statistics are really low or the bouncing rate really high? Are you looking forward to creating new content for your website? Are you about to launch a new website and you want to learn more about the best techniques for web writing? This course is for you!

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I have a strong practical approach. I will take real examples and guide you to find out the goods and the bads out there. You will have exercises and homeworks to proof that you are able to put in practice the theories explained

Stundensätze: (EUR €)
1 Schüler: 20.00
2 Schüler: €10.00
3 + Schüler: €7.00
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I can train young entrepreneurs how to manage their social media platforms.

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I have a practical approach, based on examples taken from real life.

Stundensätze: (EUR €)
1 Schüler: 18.00
2 Schüler: €10.00
3 + Schüler: €7.00
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The program covers article writing. It explains various blog styles and purpose, whether journalistic, business, fiction, academic or narrative. It will also allow the student to prepare a pre-outline and an introduction to SEO tools like Wordpress, search engine and plagiarism checker.

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This course will enable the student to discover his/her creativity through social media, that is readily accessible, free and can reach a wide range of readers and other web users. Be able to explain to the student that there is no such thing as a "100% originally written" blog. Instead, allow the student to explore his own creativity by building up on the existing human experiences and ideas in existing literature, with his very own life experiences.

Stundensätze: (GBP £)
1 Schüler: £15.00
2 Schüler: £12.00
3 + Schüler: £11.00
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