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Epictetus (55 - 1135 AD) the Enchiridion is a short text that outlines his main philosophy of life - the world is rationally ordered, such that, humankind can make sense of the world, the order of which can be disclosed through logic and once mastered can secure a fulling, happy life.

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This course is a hands-on discussion of key, accessible, relevant passages from the Enchiridion, which will be jointly negotiated with students, from which each student will draw life lessons that can be immediately, and easily applied to their own lives.

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In this course we will use selected passages from Epictetus, Seneca and Marcus Aurelius to examine key features to living well, suggested askesis (exercises). We will also discuss how it is suggested that one can deal with grievous life events so that they do not unravel you!

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Stoicism dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, but their ethics has an enduring, universal appeal. Modern Stoicism is employed often in philosophical counselling, and has been extremely popular in the last decade. The uniqueness of this course is it relevance to common every day issues, it's accessibility and yet insightful recommendations on how to live well.

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Deze cursus is bedoeld voor liefhebbers van Engels sprekende filosofie die graag meer willen weten over het onderwerp vrije wil.

Have you ever wondered whether we have free will? Are we just a biochemical puppet? In this course, we tackle this question from the bottom up, discussing different ideas of what free will is. Importantly, we will look at the topic from every angle before before bringing them together.

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The course is logically structured, dealing with different ideas each class. There is also a strong emphasis on discussion in order to foster a genuine understanding among the students.

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