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Thinking about going to university in an English-speaking country? Learn, improve, and practice your academic English skills, like essay writing. We will work on listening and speaking, reading and writing, working with subjects you find interesting, like zombies and video games.

Learning academic English can be boring and dry. With this course, I offer students the chance to learn, improve, and practice skills while talking about things that are current, interesting, and awesome. We can practice reading skills by reading excerpts from The Hunger Games, or writing skills by writing about gender and pop music. I want my students to be engaged with the material by being part of the lesson planning process, allowing them to decide what we use as lesson subjects.

Clases en persona:

UVA - Artis Bibliotheek
Plantage Middenlaan 45 1018 DC Amsterdam
Stitching Trinity
Sarphatistraat 87 1018 EZ Amsterdam
Singel 425 1012 WP Amsterdam
A domicilio
En su oficina
En un lugar público

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Tarifas horarias (EUR € / USD $)

1 estudiante€15.00 [~$16.18]
2 estudiantes€10.00 [~$10.79]
3 estudiantes o más€7.00 [~$7.55]
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Profesores de inglés Vigo
Cursos de inglés en Vigo / En línea

Charlamos en inglés - Todos los niveles

Conversational English - All Levels

Profesor: Amy Khan (Vigo)

USProfesor originario de Estados Unidos. Habla Inglés, Español.

Detalles del curso | Inscripción

Esta clase es para la gente que quiere aprender, mejorar, o practicar inglés con una hablante nativa de los E.E.U.U. Exploramos juntos la gramática, vocabulario y pronunciación. Adapto cada clase a tus necesidades. ¿Trabajas en negocios? Te ayudaré con el vocabulario essential de tu especialidad.

Conversational English. Vocabulary and verb tenses will be adjusted according to each student's needs. Assistance with pronunciation and intonation will be provided. Business English conversation also included as needed by student.

Everyone wants or needs to learn a language for different reasons. What's yours? Based upon your reason and your interests I can help you reach your goal. We will use materials that you are interested in such as sports, music, books, or even learning about different cultures from all over the world.

Clases en persona o en línea:

Cervecería O Barachas
do, Praza do Consistorio, 5, 36430 Arbo, Pontevedra, Spain
En su oficina
En un lugar público
En línea
En línea

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Tarifas horarias (EUR € / USD $)

1 estudiante€25.00 [~$26.96]
2 estudiantes€20.00 [~$21.57]
3 estudiantes o más€15.00 [~$16.18]
Profesores de inglés Montreal
Cursos de inglés en Montreal / En línea

Business English-Conversation


Profesor: Eleftheria Nika (Montreal)

GRProfesor originario de Grecia. Habla Inglés, Francés, Español.

Detalles del curso | Inscripción

The class consists of a small grammar lesson and conversation, depending on the student's needs. Also, i choose topics depending on the student's interests. Homework is provided (optional but encouraged).

I like to have a fun teaching approach. I want to make sure that my students are not only learning English, but are enjoying the topics that are being discussed/taught. I want my students to be in control of what they are learning.

Clases en persona o en línea:

Presse Café
1003 Rue du Marché Central, Montréal, QC H4N 1J8, Canada
900 Boulevard Le Corbusier, Laval, Quebec H7N 0A8
Multicultural Library
1535 Boulevard Chomedey, Laval, QC H7V 3Z4, Canada
Presse Cafe
1794 Avenue Pierre-Péladeau, Laval, QC H7T 2Z1
En su oficina
En un lugar público
En línea
En línea
(Clase virtual, Skype)

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Tarifas horarias (CAD $ / USD $)

1 estudiante$40.00 [~$29.18]
2 estudiantes$35.00 [~$25.54]
3 estudiantes o más$29.00 [~$21.16]






This is NOT a conversation course.

I will help you focus on sounding natural when speaking English! I will distinguish between different American accents, standard UK accent, and standard Australian accents.

Taught by a Certified Voice Teacher and professional Stage Manager.

For speeches, performance, competition, business meeting, etc, I will correct your intonation, and teach you how to change the way you move the muscles in your mouth to make more natural sounds in English!

IELTS、TOEIC、TOEFL、英検、CEFRなどの試験対策は、"2名 "でレッスンを予約してください。

For IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, Eiken, CEFR of other test prep, please book a lesson as "2 students."

直前・当日のご予約は、"3人以上 "でご予約ください。
For last-minute or same-day lessons, please book as "3+ students."

"It was just a great lesson. I learned a lot", Saitama

Clases en persona o en línea:

En un lugar público
En línea
En línea
(Clase virtual)

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Tarifas horarias (JPY ¥ / USD $)

1 estudiante¥3,900 [~$29.39]
2 estudiantes¥4,800 [~$36.17]
3 estudiantes o más¥20,000 [~$150.70]


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