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Profesores de español - Barcelona

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Ciudad y país de origen: Mexico

Lengua materna: Español

Idiomas hablados: Inglés, Francés, Japonés


I am really passionate for learning and teaching languages and traveling, and I would love to meet people who have the same dream, to travel the world and speak languages with no borders and no limits! I currently live in Spain and am able to teach to students my mother tongue in a new funny way with the peculiarity of making you learn Latin American Spanish and Castellano =) you can also learn how to cook mexican food, strategic planning, traveling together and making dreams come true. I will also be happy to improve my skills in the language you speak!


Chemical Engineer - Instituto Politécnico Nacional (Mexico) - 2002
Master in Santé Publique - EHESP (Francia) - 2011
Master in Advanced Methods of Public Health - University of Copenhagen - 2012
DELF B2 - Diplome d'Études en Langue Française - Paris - 2005
JLPT 4 - Cultural Mexican Institute of Japanese - 1998


Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry - Mexico City (Mexico) - Justo Sierra Highschool - 1998-2000
English Teacher at BEST (Business English and Special Training) - Mexico City (Mexico) - Professionals and Business Executives - 1994-2000
Spanish for foreigners at Escuela Montalbán - Granada (Spain) - 2009-2010 - Addressed to students aged 16-25
Persuasion and how to influence people - Workshops in Granada (Spain) - 2009-2010