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Melissa Golding


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Ciudad y país de origen: New York, United States

Lengua materna: Inglés


Hello Future Students!

My name is Melissa. I have been teaching english for over one year now! I began my journey as an English teacher in New York, where I taught English once a week to a class of approximately 40 adult students. These students were primarily from South America. I then continued my journey as an English teacher here, in Barcelona Spain. I currently teach classes to people of all ages, ranging between 4 and 40 years old! I like to base my classes on topics that my students enjoy learning and speaking about. For example, one of my classes I teach, we read and talk about different books. We are currently reading The Hobbit together. Another one of my classes that I am teaching, we watch news clips and read different political articles and discuss our thoughts on what is going on in the world. I promise you that your English will improve and you will succeed in the language if you choose me as your English teacher!


Long Beach High School, Long Beach New York, 4 years

State University of New York at Oneonta, Bachelors of Science, Degree in Child and Family Studies


Long Beach Child and Family Services, After School Counselor, Job included assisting students with their homework after school. Worked here for 2 Years

Long Beach Child and Family Services, Summer Camp Counselor, Job included watching after 10-15 campers, taking them on various field trips for the day including amusement parks and pools, worked here for 2 years.

Bugebee Day Care Teacher Assistant, Working with infants and toddlers, reading them stories and teaching the children about various topics, putting the kids for nap, worked here for 1 year

Oneonta Elementary and Middle School Mentor - Assisting students with their homework after school, talking with students about any issues they may be having at school or at home, being a role model for the students and someone they can trust and talk to about their issues, worked as a mentor for 2 years.

Children's Aid Society in New York City Manhattan, assisted in supervising children of all ages and their parents.

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