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Profesores de español - Bogota

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Ciudad y país de origen: Bogotá - Colombia

Lengua materna: Español

Idiomas hablados: Español, Inglés, Francés


Soy docente certificada de ELE con experiencia de más 4 años de experiencia en este campo, de forma grupal e individual, con jóvenes y adultos con diferentes niveles de conocimiento de la lengua.

Mis clases están orientadas al desarrollo de las destrezas comunicativas del estudiante, a través de actividades orales y escritas con el uso de vídeos, lecturas, etc. según el interés y las necesidades del mismo.

My name is Tatiana Mosquera I'm from Bogotá - Colombia. Spanish is my mother tongue, English is my second language but I can speak a little bit French and now I am studying German by myself. I love traveling to learn about other languages, other people, and other cultures.

My experience

I am a qualified Spanish Teacher with over 7 years teaching experience, first in Buenos Aires – Argentina and now in Bogotá, where I am living.

- How do classes work?

No matter what your level is (basic, intermediate or advanced). In every meeting online you will find an opportunity to test everything you know or to learn and practice what you need.

We can practice together through dynamic conversations: grammar vocabulary, pronunciation and more, using different resources to make the most of your time.

In other words, every class will be a really good opportunity to improve your Spanish skills.

- What can I offer you?

I am a learning languages student like you so I know how difficult is to get time to study and stay motivated. So through Cognitive Grammar, I can explain to you how to learn vocabulary faster, how to train your ears to understand Spanish and some tips to become a fluent speaker, for example.

I can provide you flexible schedules, tailored classes according to your level and needs, and all material needed. Whether you are a student, a traveler, a worker, or simply you are planning to spend your time with your family and enjoy the language with a native Spanish


1. Licenciatura en Humanidades e Idiomas de la Universidad Libre de Colombia - Bogotá. 2007.
2. Programa de Capacitación para la Enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera - UBA - Buenos Aires - Argentina. 2013.
3. Especialización en la Enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera en la Universidad de Jaén - España (online) en curso.


- Expanish School - Buenos Aires - Argentina - 4 años.
- Pensaris School - Buenos Aires - Argentina - 5 meses.

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