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Profesores de árabe Alejandría

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تعلم اللغة العربية Añadir a mi lista

Profesor: Eman Yusus (Alejandría)

EGProfesor originario de Egipto. Habla Árabe, Inglés.

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تعلم اللغة العربية بطريقة سهلة وبسيطة تعتمد على المحادثة لاكتساب الكلمات والافعال الجديدة المستخدمة فى الحياة اليومية

Learn important aspects of the Arabic language, including the Arabic alphabet, pronunciation, and basic vocabulary.
this course depend on daily situations are using in Arab world to get new words , verbs and how can you create sentences.

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I'm native Arabic speaker.I have work experience in teaching Arabic and Quran in many centers and schools in Egypt and online too through many websites.

I use text book and extra authentic materials: videos, flash cards I use attractive tools to make interactive environment helping in learning in easy way.

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1 estudiante: $30.00
2 estudiantes: $25.00
3+ estudiantes: $15.00
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Cursos de árabe
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Profesores de árabe Montreal

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Arabe facile Añadir a mi lista

Profesor: Tawfik Kanzari (Montreal)

TNProfesor originario de Túnez. Habla Francés, Inglés, Árabe.

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Méthode conviviale et très simple pour apprendre une base de communication avec la la langue arabe. C'est aussi une ouverture sur la culture qui vous permet de voyager, d'étudier, de travailler ou même de vivre dans un pays arabe (y en a 22) ou juste de communiquer avec vos amis parlant arabe.

Easy mthod to learn basic communication with the Arabic language, with an opening on the culture that allows you to travel, study, work or even live in an Arab country (there are 22) or just be able to communicate with friends who speak Arabic.

مرحبًا بكم٠٠٠٠طريقة سريعة و سهلة لتعلّم العربية

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Apprivoiser la tonalité - maitriser la musique de la langue - dompter les difficultés - opter pour structure linguistique simplifiée...ensuite, parler...parler...parler...

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1 estudiante: $30.00
2 estudiantes: $25.00
3+ estudiantes: $20.00
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Cursos de árabe
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Samir L. Iranee, Dipl.-Betriebswirt / MBA سميرلطفي ايراني
Arabisch lernen und Arabien verstehen. Ahlan wa Sahlan bikum! Herzlich willkommen! ... bei Iranee Sprachtraining & Interkulturelles Coaching (Arabischkurse & Arabientraining) in Frankfurt am Main.
Iranee - Your Guide to Arabia. Learn Arabi!

سميرايراني محاضرجامعي
أعزائي الزوار، يسرني أن أرحب بكم إلى الموقع الالكتروني
تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها
فهم الثقافة العربية والاسلامية

اهلا وسهلا بكم في صفحتنا

Arabic for all levels – Arabia and Middle East & North Africa Business Culture Training
Business Arabic & Arab Business Culture Coaching
Private Lessons + Group Courses + Corporate Group Instruction
Writing + Reading + Conversation
Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced
Class size & one-to-one

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Arabic native (BA Business Adminstration – MBA in International Management Consulting) experienced lecturer at the JWG-University offers in Frankfurt / Main and Germanywide as well as in Oman / UAE & Dubai Arabic language courses (colloquial, media, business and Khaliji / Egyptian Arabic) for all levels. Further we provide courses on Arabic culture, politics and doing business in the Middle East / Arab countries as well as Intercultural training for Arab World and Islamic Region.

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1 estudiante: 45.00
2 estudiantes: 40.00
3+ estudiantes: 35.00
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Profesores de árabe Barcelona

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Profesor: Badr Khouzima (Barcelona)

MAProfesor originario de Marruecos. Habla Inglés, Francés, Español.

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Puedo creer clases para cualquier nivel. Estableceremos los objectivos antes de empezar.

I will work with you to create classes for your level of ability.

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I have experience adapting courses to kids of all ages, as well as young adults. I usually become a friend with my students, therefore, We can always enjoy our classes. I will be passionate about ensuring you get the best quality teaching, as well as develop a love for the language and the culture that comes along with it.

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1 estudiante: 15.00
2 estudiantes: 10.00
3+ estudiantes: 7.00
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Cursos de árabe
Clase de prueba: 25% de descuento!

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  • Tome sus clases a domicilio, en su oficina, en un café, o en línea.
  • Aprenda a su propio ritmo: día, noche o fines de semana. Clases disponibles entre las 7 a.m. y las 11 p.m.
  • Nuestros Profesores de árabe personalizan sus cursos de acuerdo a sus necesidades y objetivos.

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La opinión de los estudiantes:

Curso: Let's talk and read Arabic

"I enjoyed the format, as well as the teacher's methods. Listening to video reports was a great way of learning, though it probably would have been facilitated by bringing headphones.", Montreal

Curso: Arabic Language

"I find myself very lucky to have found Alhan!

She is amazing, incredibly patient, and tailors the class to my professional needs which is exactly what I needed! The classes are fun and so enjoyable that they pass very quickly. I recommend this wonderful teacher to anyone as she seems to adapt to any learning style!
", Montreal

Curso: Arabic Language

"Definitely looking forward to next class!", Montreal

Curso: Arabe facile

"The class was fantastic. The teacher was structured and clear in his intentions, and seemed to adapt the pace, the topics and the comments to my needs and my questions. Friendly and authoritative. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.", Montreal

Curso: Arabe facile

"Professeur très sympathique.", Montreal

Curso: Arabe facile

"Wonderful, he was kind, patient very good, I appreciated him a lot.", Montreal

Curso: Let's talk and read Arabic

"Great teacher, on time, came prepared.", Montreal