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10:00 AM

Learning targets: In this practical management training you will learn how to communicate and deal with Islamic and Arab managers

Main Content:

 discussing own experiences and expectations and intercultural competence in general

 learning about German-Arab co-operations and factors of success esp. trust and confidence

 reflecting images of Germany vs images of the Arabian world “typical German – typical Arab”

 getting to know the Arab region today: geography, history, society, politics and economy

 learn about cultural dimensions and standards, the dos and don’t’s in Arabia as well as customs and business etiquette

 understanding the different roles of men and women in Arabia

 getting to know business and corporate cultures as well as business culture standards for business people

 appreciating more about communication, meetings and time management in Arabia

 learning more about Arabian management styles and leadership

 comparing of education and training styles

 learning about conflict management strategies

 exploring how to deal and negotiate with Arabs

 experiencing daily communication with Arabs and “Small Talk” in Arabic language



Price: EUR €360.00

Expected participants: 3

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