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Professeur: Costanza Milner (Halifax)

(Professeur originaire de : Venice, Italy. Parle Italien, Français, Anglais.)

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Do you want to improve your Italian communication skills, your vocabulary, learn grammar, and at the same time broaden your knowledge of past and contemporary Italian culture? In that case, this class is for you!

Vous voulez améliorer votre grammaire et votre vocabulaire italiens ainsi que votre capacité d’écoute et de communication? Vous êtes en même temps intéressés à mieux connaître la culture italienne contemporaine et celle du passée? Cette classe s’adresse à vous!

Vuoi migliorare la comprensione orale, la grammatica, arricchire il tuo vocabolario e allo stesso tempo sei interessato ad approfondire la conoscenza della cultura italiana del passato e dell’età contemporanea? Questa corso è pensato su misura per te!

I will use mixed teaching approaches focused on communication in order to improve your understanding, develop your vocabulary, your speaking abilities and comprehension skills.For this purpose, I will use materials such as audio clips, pictures, comics, language learning games, newspaper articles and movie clips. No more will you feel lost when you immerse yourself in Italy whether on a business trip or on holiday.

The teaching method will be planned according to your interests and needs, whether you are an Italian cinema lover or a book worm, or you simply want to visit the country. The learning experience will of course be adjusted according to your level and the language you are most comfortable with, be it English or French.

During the first class I will test your level in order to appropriately plan the learning program.

I will also give some practice tips you can do during the week such as a list of the best free apps, software and other media. Learning a language is not one or two hours of class per week, it is an everyday exposition to it. I'm really flexible with my time and I can be available according to your needs.

I can assure you it will be a fun, useful and rich experience.

Halifax Central Library
Halifax Central Library, 5440 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax, NS B3J 1E9, Canada
Killam Memorial Library
6225 University Ave, Halifax, NS B3H 4H8, Canada
Humani-T Café
OB6, 1451 South Park Street suite 103, Halifax, NS B3J 2L1, Canada
Patrick Power Library
5946 Inglis St, Halifax, NS B3H 3C3, Canada
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L'avis des étudiants :

Cours : Interactive Italian language course

"The teacher is nice and has a good cultural level. I indend to pursue a few more classes.", Montreal


"Nous sommes content, c'était le dernier de notre série de cours. Nous partons pour l'Italie dans deux semaines, nous avons hâte de tester nos nouvelles connaissances.", Montreal

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"I was really satisfied about Tiziana´s way of handling our first class: really methodical, she was able to pinpoint right away my strenghts and weaknesses in Italian so we could already make up a plan how our bi-weekly lessons should look like in order to ensure the greatest learning curve!", Berlin

Cours : conversación italiano

"Alice is a very good teacher. The courses are more interesting each time. She adapts her courses easily to our needs. I highly recommand her.", Montreal

Cours : Interactive Italian language course

"I felt very at ease with the teacher.", Montreal

Cours : Italian for Everyone

"I have taken 50 hours of individual Italian lessons with Gianluca mostly by Skype and I plan to take 50 more. I am an American living and working in Paris and I looked for a teacher with whom I could start learning Italian from French. It took only a few lessons for Gianluca to adapt to my learning style and interests. The lessons are enjoyable, efficient and customized for me. I especially like biographies and I have learned a lot about about famous and not so famous Italians while learning Italian. I recommend Gianluca who will adapt to what you like and what you need. ", Paris


"Sara è una professoressa bravissima e attenta, chi sa adattarsi ai bisogni del studente", Montreal

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"Francesca is a great teacher. She is very professional and effective at making students understand and correct their mistakes. I look forward to more classes with Francesca.", Montreal