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English: Tailored Programs For All Levels

Professeur: Iris Esquivel (Montreal)

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Apprendre l'anglais

English: Tailored Programs For All Levels

(Inglés: Cursos adaptados para todos los n)

Description du cours :

English! I believe in creating individualised programs that will fit unique learners; no two people learn the same way! I offer intensive courses where multidisciplinary teaching strategies are used to optimise results and have fun at the same time!

Anglais! Je crois en la création de programmes personnalisés qui répondront aux besoins des apprenants uniques. Je vous propose des cours intensifs où les stratégies d'enseignement multidisciplinaire sont utilisés pour optimiser les résultats et avoir du plaisir en même temps !

Inglés! Yo creo en la creación de programas individualizados que se ajusten a los alumnos; no hay dos personas que aprenden de la misma manera! Ofrezco cursos intensivos donde se utilizan estrategias de enseñanza para optimizar resultados y divertirse!

Méthode d'enseignement :

I tailor each lesson to fit unique students. I assess in our first encounter what your strengths and weaknesses are and develop a plan with you to address your linguistic needs. By narrowing the program down to an individual focus, we will get much more done and in a lot less time.

Programme du cours :

Meeting 1 and 2: Used to meet student and both formally and informally assess written language, verbal, and comprehension.
An individual program for each student is divided and every three weeks there will be an assessment.
I use many games and interactive activities to help students learn and engrain information.

Endroits où il est possible de suivre ce cours :

Cours d'anglais, Montreal
Université: McLennan Library
3459 rue McTavish.
Cours d'anglais, Montreal
Café: Santropol Cafe
3990 Rue Saint-Urbain
Cours d'anglais, Montreal
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Taux horaires :

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2 étudiants : CAD $18.00 par étudiant*
3 étudiants ou + :CAD $12.00 par étudiant*

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Iris Esquivel

Ville / Pays d'origine : Montreal, Canada

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Langues parlées : Anglais, Français, Espagnol


Hello! My name is Iris, a Montreal native currently studying at McGill University in the Education program. I have experience teaching English as a second language both in my home country and in other parts of the world, like Germany and Spain. I am patient, energetic, and have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to help all kinds of learners target their language goals and retain information. I believe that no two people learn the same, and that is why I strongly believe in creating a program that will fit your needs and interests. Whether you are a beginner, or would like to perfect your English skills, I know that together we can do it. Looking forward to hearing from you :)


Baccalaureate degree in Education from McGill University, 2017.
DEC in Child Studies from Dawson College, 2013.


English instructor at Saint Monica's Elementary School in Montreal, Canada for grades K-6.

Private family English tutor for three children in Madrid, Spain.

English teacher for small groups of adults (3-10) ages 18+ in Berlin, Germany.

Field experience at Dunrae Gardens Elementary in Montreal, Canada teaching English and Math for grade 5.

Volunteer at Community Center Tyndale St. George's as English and Math tutor in Montreal, Canada for grades K-6.

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