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English for Traveling and general conversations

Professeur: Archie Ezekiel (Madrid)

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Apprendre l'anglais

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Apprendre l'anglais

English for Traveling and general conversations

Description du cours :

I tailor the lesson plan to match the topics you want to learn about and your ability. We work on grammar to improve your conversational skills. After the intial assessment, we work on requested vocabulary and figure out what you want to get out of improving your English skills. We work accordingly

Méthode d'enseignement :

I use a method that makes sure the student is having fun and is completely customized to the student's individual interests. The classes are offered via Skype or face to face. We focus on developing speaking skills and the ability to use language in real life situations and live dialogues. Keeping the class environment as casual as possible is essential to having a fun class.

Endroits où il est possible de suivre ce cours :

Cours d'anglais, Madrid
Lieu public: Puerta del Sol
Plaza de la Puerta del Sol, s/n, 28013 Madrid, Spain
Cours d'anglais, Madrid
Lieu public: Metro Gran Vía
28013 Madrid, Spain
Cours d'anglais, Madrid
Lieu public: Metro Estrella
Calle del Camino de los Vinateros, 12, 28030 Madrid, Spain
Cours d'anglais, Madrid
Lieu public: Ppe. de Vergara
28006 Madrid, Spain
Cours d'anglais, Madrid
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Cours d'anglais, Madrid
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Cours d'anglais, Madrid
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Cours d'anglais, Madrid
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Taux horaires :

1 étudiant : EUR €17.00*
2 étudiants : EUR €15.00 par étudiant*
3 étudiants ou + :EUR €13.00 par étudiant*
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Archie Ezekiel

Ville / Pays d'origine : Madrid, Spain

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Langues parlées : Anglais


​​T​raveling ​​the world for over 8 years has made me realize just how important education is to younger generations. The numerous professional jobs I've had consist of teaching 1200 high schools students English in China and Spain, training big cats in Thailand and New Zealand, director of numerous festivals/events all across Canada and a Activities Director for an all inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. All these jobs have been eye opening experiences where I received memorable memories but nothing in comparison to having the opportunity to teach children that their imagination is every thing and that it's a preview of life’s coming attractions.

My previous work experience includes securing a network of satisfied clients where I have always been a dependable and respectful team leader. Through professional experience I have developed an extensive skill set that includes the ability to multitask, divert stress, and ensure a unique perspective of happiness when people walk away. I have a heightened awareness of people’s needs and in effect I always make sure they walk away feeling positive, motivated and confident that dealing with me was there best choice. I would be honored to bring all this drive, determination and flexibility to this teaching position where I promise to be proactive in all the challenges presented to me.


TEFL Certificate, TT Madrid, 2018
TESOL Certificate, Global TESOL College, 2008
Event Coordinator, Bow Valley College, 2007
First Aid, Calgary First Aid, 2009 - 2015
High School Diploma, Bluefield High School, PEI, 1997


ESL Teacher (New Immigrants to Canada, Calgary)
ESL Instructor at Children in Need (Calgary Canada)
Test Tourist for Hill Tribe villages for UN (Laos)
Volleyball Coordinator for the Calgary Corporate Challenge (the largest Corporate challenge in North America, Calgary)
League Coordinator of the Calgary Media Slow Pitch League
Coach and organizer of multiple slow pitch, snow pitch, and volleyball teams and tournaments
Entertainment Director of the Thorncliffe Community Association (Organized the largest community “Calgary Stampede” and New Year’s Party)
Crime Stoppers re-enactments (15 commercials)
Sports Announcer for local hockey teams
Stage Manager for Calgary Lilac & Funny Festival’s
Media Coordinator for Calgary Folk Festival

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