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Professeur: Carline Lemire Steel (Paris)

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Apprendre l'anglais

L'anglais sur mesure!

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Description du cours :

Je propose des cours d'anglais basé sur votre métier ou vos buts personnel. Les expressions, le vocabulaire et les phrases utiles dans votre milieu seront pratiqués avec des exercices écrites, orales et à l'écoutes. Pour le boulot, le voyage, le théâtre, culture géné m'adapte à vous!

Improve your English with classes tailored to your needs and your job or personal goals.Learn the vocabulary that will be useful in your particular surroundings through a variety of written, oral and listening exercises.Whether it is for business, travel, performing arts, I adapt my teaching to you!

Méthode d'enseignement :

With my varied experience teaching English, I've noticed how important it is to plan my classes around the students needs, interests and specific way of learning. It is proven that people learn better when they are enjoying themselves so I always bring in my good humour and offer a variety of methods in order to keep things fresh and interesting. I've been told by many students that I make them feel comfortable and at ease and we all know confidence is key to progressing in a language!

Programme du cours :

As I mentioned earlier, I think it is important to create a program based on the student(s) needs and desires. I offer all kinds of teaching material but am also open to specific requests and think that it is important to modify my own teaching to best accomodate the individual(s) I am working with. As a general rule, I like to have a healthy balance of conversation, grammar review, and introduction to new vocabulary through different worksheets/oral exercises as well as a constant focus on pronunciation. Regardless, my main goal is to make the student feel like they are progressing and learning things that will be useful to them as an individual.

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Carline Lemire Steel

Ville / Pays d'origine : Canada

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Langues parlées : Anglais, Français


My name is Carline and I come from Western Canada (Edmonton, Alberta to be precise)! I've been living and teaching English in Paris for almost 3 years now. I get a real satisfaction out of teaching. I love helping students build their confidence and knowledge around English. Learning a new language is like acquiring a key to unknown parts of the world. It opens doors to new discoveries, new relationships, new jobs, new cultures etc. Other than teaching, I am also an actor and a writer. I am a strong enthusiast of all forms of arts! And that of course includes food, which is one of my favourite things about France :) I love discovering new languages and cultures and I look forward to introducing you to mine!


Victoria School - HIgh School Diploma - 2001.

Tesol Canada - Edmonton, Alberta - 2004.

Vancouver Film School - Honours Diploma - 2009.


I've taught English in Taiwan, Cambodia, Ecuador and France. My experience varies from 3 year old children, to adults in the workplace. I've taught school children as I have taught lawyers, CEOs and accountants. My experience is vast and varied. I also have experience doing translation work.

I've taught French in Canada to children 4-12 years old by means of acting classes and theatre presentations.

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