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Cours de saxophone : Toronto, Canada

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Want to learn the Clarinet or Saxophone? Fancy learning jazz? Or maybe even something more classical? Or perhaps you want to start slow and learn how to read music first?

For all ages; whether you are a beginner or experienced; playing for fun or for grades.

Not only do I teach you how to use the instrument, I teach you how to read music, and how to play pieces in many different styles and genres.

Leçons en personne :

À domicile

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Taux horaires (GBP £ / USD $)

1 étudiant£30.00 [~$37.93]
2 étudiants£40.00 [~$50.58]
3 étudiants ou plus£50.00 [~$63.22]

One of the great things about the saxophone is that everyone has their own unique tone! Learn how to produce the sound that thrills your ears! Begin your tone development here. Helpful for beginners and intermediate saxophone players. Instruction in shaping your sound expressively is included.

Sometimes technique takes precedence over tone production. To enjoy and be enjoyed the saxophone must produce a pleasing sound. Learning this early in your saxophone career can make all the difference in your growth as a great player!

Leçons en personne ou en ligne :

En ligne
En ligne
(Classe virtuelle, Zoom)

I will help students to reach their goals, emphasizing on music theory and harmony approach that allow students to increase enjoyment from day one. My teaching approach is designed specifically for individual student’s situation.

I assist my students in the education industry to provide a solid foundation in music theory first. I do this by providing practical and valuable learning environment that make a difference and motivate learners-one student at a time.

Leçons en personne ou en ligne :

Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
En ligne
En ligne
(Classe virtuelle, Zoom)

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Taux horaires (CAD $ / USD $)

1 étudiant$65.00 [~$47.48]
2 étudiants$60.00 [~$43.83]
3 étudiants ou plus$55.00 [~$40.17]
Professeurs d'anglais Toronto
Cours d'anglais à Toronto / En ligne

Creative Writing for Non-Native English Speakers

Professeur: Bev Hotchkiss (Toronto / En ligne)

CAProfesseur originaire de : Canada. Parle Anglais.

Détails du cours | S'inscrire

Creative writing advances your English writing skills. It's proven that play improves learning by 80%. Creative writing allows you to explore characters, plot, scene, and dialogue—all the things that happen in real life. It will open your skill sets to new ways of exploring the English language.

This is an individualized class. We will work one-on-one in a shared google doc with weekly zoom meetings to discuss your ideas and progress.

Choose your medium, novel, novella, memoir, poetry, or creative non-fiction. Choose your audience, children, young adult, adults.

Together, we will create an outline and work on your manuscript as you watch your writing skills soar!

This course is discounted for Multi-Language Cafe users.

"Bev is great! I enjoy my classes very much!", Toronto

Leçons en personne ou en ligne :

En ligne
En ligne
(Classe virtuelle, Zoom)

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Taux horaires (CAD $ / USD $)

1 étudiant$40.00 [~$29.22]
2 étudiants$35.00 [~$25.57]
3 étudiants ou plus$25.00 [~$18.26]


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