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Piano/Music lessons

Professeur: Daryn Cassie (Vancouver)

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Apprendre le piano

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Apprendre le piano

Piano/Music lessons

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I'm offering expertise in music and instruction on piano. Are you looking to pursue your desire to play a favorite song, or want to create and produce your own? Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, we can push you to the next level. What would you love to play?

Méthode d'enseignement :

You learn best when you are inspired. I'm here to help that happen, and be a facilitator of your music. So show me what you love. If you're not sure, we can do some listening, try a few styles and see what you resonate with. We'll do as much listening as playing, as music is grounded in an attentive ear. We'll balance technique, music theory, working on pieces/songs and ear training. Once you are engaged by the music, piano is much easier than you might think ;)

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Daryn Cassie

Langues parlées : Anglais


I'm a well seasoned keyboardist and I'm passionate about my craft. I perform in professional settings, and in a variety of genres including jazz, rock n roll, free improvisation, electronic/dance, ambient, and sound art installations. As a performer, I'm engaged with music every day. I love sharing my inspiration, and teaching is an extension of that. I'll help our lessons to flow naturally and enjoyably. Let's have some fun!


Music Diploma - Composition major, piano minor, VCC School of Music, 2011
Professional Recording Arts Diploma, Art Institute of Vancouver, 2006


I've been teaching piano for 10 years in Vancouver students' homes. My students have ranged from beginning toddlers, to high school and post-secondary jazz/composition students, to hobbyists of all ages. I've also led kids' group classes on sound creation and soundscape studies.

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