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Professeurs de français - Amiens

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Ville / Pays d'origine : Abbeville, France

Langue maternelle : Français

Langues parlées : Anglais, Japonais, Espagnol


Bonjour! I've been teaching French an English since 2006 and I just love helping learners achieve their goals as this feels truly rewarding. I'm used to working with various sorts of people including kids, seniors, businessmen and college students.

I'm originally from a small city north of Paris and I now live in an even smaller city close to the north coast of France. My teaching experience includes working at an American university, a British specialized school, French high schools and middleschools, training centers and of course teaching one-on-one lessons live or with Skype.

I'm interested in all different cultures so teaching students from around the world has always been very motivating to me and I'm lucky to be able to do so every day. I speak French and English fluently and I can manage in Japanese, Spanish and Italian. A bientôt!


2005: Master en littérature francophone et anglophone, Université de Picardie Jules Verne.

2008: CAPES d'anglais (Teaching Degree from the French Ministry of Education).

2009: Agrégation d'anglais (Higher Teaching Degree from the French Ministry of Education).


While I was a student, I did a lot of tutoring in English for middleschoolers and high school students. I also taught French to a class of children with special needs in the UK back then. After graduating, I spent a year in the US, teaching French to UT Austin students. After that, I move back to France where I became a middleschool and high-school teacher.

While doing that, I started training adults too: people who needed English for their jobs and expats arriving to France mostly. I enjoyed working with them and helping them shape their personal projects so much that I decided to quit my position in the French "Education Nationale" to become a freelance teacher. That's when I started teaching kids (3+) and shortly after using Skype to teach worldwide to all sorts of people: teenagers, children, adults who wish to travel to France or who need French for work...

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