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Professeurs de mandarin - Montreal

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Ville / Pays d'origine : Montreal

Langue maternelle : Mandarin

Langues parlées : Anglais


My name is Lei. I have been with Fabrika Cultural for over an year. I am also an accounting student at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. I have had some students so far with me. They all had a great experience of learning language with me. Some of them have gone to China to do business, to go travel, and to go study. I still get emails, phones and text messages from them to ask me questions and also to let me know how their experience were while they were in China. I have my own methods, textbook, and materials for the learning purpose. Personally, I am second language learner as well. So I know how it is like to feel frustrated when you learn a completely different language with all the grammars, pronunciations, and specially characters. Please see in my experience about how I teach and My five principals and seven actions for all of you.


Currently enrolled in Bachelor Degree at Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec


Here I have five principals and seven actions for all of you. Five principals:1 Focus on language content that is relevant to you.2 Use your language as a tool to communicate from day 1. 3 When you understand the message you will acquire the language unconsciously.4 Language is not about accumulating a lot of knowledge but is rather a type of physiological training.5 Psycho-physiological state matters-you need to be happy, relaxed, and most importantly, you need to be tolerant of ambiguity. Don't try to understand every detail as it will drive you crazy. seven actions: 1 Listen a lot-it doesn't matter if you understand or not. Listen to rhythms and patterns.2 Focus on getting the meaning first, before the words. Body language and facial expressions can help.3 Start mixing, get creative, and use what you're learning. 4, Focus on the core-use the most common words.5 language parent (ME) 6 Copy the face-watch native speakers 7 Direct connect"-find ways to connect words directly images.