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Anusha Salamatian



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Ville / Pays d'origine : Shiraz, Iran

Langue maternelle : Persan

Langues parlées : Anglais, Français, Persan

"In my opinion, the best way to learn is while having fun and that's exactly what i have experienced so far with Miss Salamatian! :) She also has a very good technique to teach the Persian language while adapting to your personal language background! "CN, Montreal

"Je suis impressionné par la faculté du professeur à réinventer sa méthode selon le degré d'apprentissage! C'est un immense bonheur que de découvrir la langue persane dans ce cours!"Hugo, Montreal

"The class is very fun and I love the technique!"VM, Montreal


I am a university student originally from Iran who is fluent in Persian and English and speaks some French as well. I love teaching, specially Persian language. In addition to teaching, I enjoy good food, academic activities, cooking and swimming.


I am fluent in both official and street-spoken Persian language. Finished my primary school at English and French schools in Montreal, then educated at Persian speaking schools in Iran for both junior high and high schools. I am currently a university student in Montreal, during 2nd year of a science B.Sc. program.


I have been teaching Persian to some English and French speaking individuals in Montreal for a few months. My current students are quite happy with the way I teach them Persian.

Cours offerts par ce professeur :

Introductory Persian