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Professeurs d'anglais - Toronto

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Ville / Pays d'origine : Toronto, Canada

Langue maternelle : Anglais

Langues parlées : Anglais


My name is Sara and I live in Toronto, Canada. I love the outdoors, reading, writing, drinking tea, art, theatre, music, feminism, and meeting new people. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Professional Writing and Communication, as well as Women and Gender Studies. The way I like to teach language is through a combination of reading, writing, and conversation. I will make sure each lesson is catered to you and your interests. I like to make things thorough yet fun and interesting! Some example lessons I teach are:

1. Current Events - Let's read the news together and discuss

2. Arts and Crafts - I'll teach you a craft. Or you teach me one

3. Reading - Let's read a book together. I will pick something interesting based on your skill level

4. Listening comprehension - Let's work on your listening

5. Conversation - Let's talk about life!

6. Grammar - I can review any grammar you are struggling with

7. Questions - Going over the basics of questions.

8. Describing Images - I bring images and you practice describing them

9. Job Interviews & Resumes - Practice for an interview and get help with your resume


Honours Bachelor - Professional Writing and Communication; Women and Gender Studies - University of Toronto - 2015


Literacy Facilitator - London, Ontario - London Public Library
English Tutor - London, Ontario - Private Lessons