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Bitte mein Beschreibung auf Englisch Lesen. Ich vesuche Deutsch lernen, aber kann ich noch nicht auf Deutsch lehren. Vielen Dank!

I am offering guitar lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced guitarists. I teach students songs they love in styles including jazz, rock, blues, folk, indie, pop. I ensure that students are using proper technique and learning music theory in order to provide a rounded learning experience.

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In lessons I aim to get students playing something they know and love as soon as possible. Whether you are a complete beginner or advanced I can help you expand your knowledge and enjoyment of playing guitar whilst maintaining good technique, all in a relaxed and friendly teaching environment.

I make sure to get to know exactly what each student wants to achieve from their lessons and plan learning goals and materials to help make your guitar playing aspirations a reality.

Taux horaires : (EUR €)
1 étudiant : 30.00
2 étudiants : €20.00
3 étudiants ou + : €18.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

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Im ersten Unterricht machen wir viel mit Körperhaltung- wie man mit dem Cello sitzt sowie ganz viel mit Bogengriff. Im zweiten oder dritten Stunde legen wir zum ersten mal der Bogen auf die Saiten und ersten Ton machen. Nach 10 Wochen können Sie Tonleiter und Ihre erste einfache Stück spielen

In the first few lessons we will focus on posture- how to sit with the cello, as well as how to hold the bow (it's harder than people think). After 2 or 3 lessons, you will be ready to put the bow on the string and make your first sounds. After 10 weeks you can play a scale and some simple pieces.

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One could say my approach is a mix of methods. I am a former student of the great pedagogue Irene Sharp, and I have also completed 10 courses in Suzuki pedagogy. I rarely stick with just one method, rather I mix them and add a few things of my own. I accept students of all ages from 4 up and all levels. However, I am only willing to teach adults online. For Young children, I lean more toward the Suzuki method, which means a) a parent must be at lessons, and b) there will be required listening

Taux horaires : (SEK kr)
1 étudiant : kr650.00
2 étudiants : kr610.00
3 étudiants ou + : kr550.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

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Ich bin immer noch auf meinem Deutsch arbeiten, lesen Sie bitte die Englisch Beschreibung! Vielen Dank.

I'm offering professional and affordable guitar lessons. My method is adaptable according to the students needs and goals. We can work on your basics if you're just starting, or we can work on more advanced stuff.

All styles, levels and ages are welcome. I also teach electric bass and ukulele.

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My approach will vary depending on the student's level, goals and age. You might be an absolute beginner and I'll teach you about the guitar in an interesting and motivational way, focusing on the kind of music you like. You might know a lot about guitar already and be interested in learning how to improvise, or how to compose, or arrange something for your band, or transcribe a song you like be hear. I can help you with all that!

Taux horaires : (EUR €)
1 étudiant : 30.00
2 étudiants : €20.00
3 étudiants ou + : €18.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

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PIANOFORTE E TASTIERE JAZZ & MODERNI • Impara ad accompagnare e a improvvisare sui grandi temi delle song americane e del blues.

MELODICA • Uno strumento dalle infinite potenzialità.

ARMONIA, IMPROVVISAZIONE, LINGUAGGIO JAZZ, EAR TRAINING • Per qualunque strumento musicale e voci.

MODERN & JAZZ PIANO-KEYBOARDS • Learn how to accompany and how to improvise over the greatest American song and blues tunes.

MELODICA • An instrument that offers unlimited possibilities.

HARMONY, IMPROVISATION, JAZZ LANGUAGE, EAR TRAINING • For any musical instrument and voices.

PIANO ET CLAVIERS JAZZ & MODERN • Apprendre à accompagner avec des basses et accords et à improviser sur les thèmes classiques de la song américaine et du blues.

MÉLODICA - un instrument aux possibilités infinies.

HARMONIE, IMPROVISATION, • Pour tous les instruments de musique et les voix.

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You can't play what you can't hear!

I have been teaching music in private lessons, music schools and at university level since 2012 and I always start working with the student's musical ear, at any level.

I obtained a Master's Degree in Jazz Music in Milan, and an Early Music Recorder Diploma at Pavia's Conservatory. I currently play in several bands ranging from Jazz to Tango, from Early music to Gipsy.

I also wrote several music books (available on

Taux horaires : (EUR €)
1 étudiant : 35.00
2 étudiants : €25.00
3 étudiants ou + : €20.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

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Ich biete Gitarrenunterricht in Englisch, Russisch oder Lettische sprache.
Es ist 60 minuten lang und gelegen in Schoneweide / Karlshorst, Berlin.

I offer Guitar lessons in English, Russian and Latvian language in Berlin, Schoneweide.
A lesson is 60 minutes long and includes all materials.
Starting age is 7 y.o., the program covers notes learning in basic level, popular songs (for example, Harry Potter theme) and more advanced songs later o

Я предлагаю уроки гитары на английском, русском и латышском языках в районе Schöneweide - Karlshorst.
Урок длится 60 минут и включает все материалы.
Начальный возраст 7 лет, в программе - ноты и их чтение, популярные песни (например, тема из Гарри Поттера), и более сложные песни после базы.

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It's always depending on the student and their age and their music taste.
We listen to music, not just mechanically play it over. I teach my students how to like what they do, not just play the songs from the paper in front of them.

Taux horaires : (EUR €)
1 étudiant : 30.00
2 étudiants : €15.00
3 étudiants ou + : €8.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

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Ukulele tuition from complete beginners to advanced. (Electric & Acoustic Guitar tuition is also available)
I'm an experienced live and session musician and graduated from BIMM in London UK. I have recently moved into Berlin and am also a member of RGT (Registry Of The Guitar Tutor in Germany).

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Lessons will be tailored to you. Lessons involve a range of issues from what ukulele(soprano, concert etc.) would suit you, what strings (light or medium gauge), how to hold the plectrum, ukulele itself, how to read a sheet music, work on strumming patterns (3 chord songs), and more advanced skills. it’s not brain surgery. it’s going to be a lot of fun! So enjoy playing the ukulele and lessons to move up to next level. (Also Skype lesson would be available.)

Taux horaires : (EUR €)
1 étudiant : 7.00
2 étudiants : €4.00
3 étudiants ou + : €4.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

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Professeurs de percussions Montreal

Cours de percussions à Montreal >

Body Percussion Ajouter à ma liste

Professeur: Geremia Lodi (Montreal)

(Professeur originaire de : Italy)

Détails du cours | Inscription sans frais

Body Percussion takes the rhythm back to its place of origin: the body.

To experience rhythm in the flesh and bones of the body is discovering that we are walking musical instruments, always ready to sound out.

Feel the nurturing and heart-warming effects of being fully embodied.

La percussion corporelle ramène le rythme à son lieu d'origine : le corps.

Expérimenter le rythme dans la chair et les os, c'est découvrir que nous sommes des instruments de musique ambulants, toujours prêts à résonner. Sentez les effets nourissants et réconfortants d'être complètement incarné.

+ Plus

This is a hands-on course. Every rhythm, every melody, will be learned taking it directly into the body. Yet, instruction about music notation will be provided if a student is interested in that as well.

Courses will be a mix of training rhythmic skills (coronation and tempo) and learning of the culture behind the rhythms.

Taux horaires : (CAD $)
1 étudiant : $35.00
2 étudiants : $20.00
3 étudiants ou + : $15.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

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เรียนรู้โน้ตดนตรีสำหรับมือ 1 และ 2 เสียงแหลมและเสียงทุ้ม จังหวะและจังหวะ การอ่านและเล่นเพลงโดยใช้การสัมผัสที่แตกต่างกัน: legato ไม่ใช่ legato, staccato ลายเซ็นคีย์และเวลา อ่านสายตา ลักษณะและผู้แต่ง

Learning music notation for 1 and 2 hands. Treble and bass cleffs. Pitch and rhythm. Reading and playing music using different touch: non legato, legato, staccato. Key and time signatures. Sight reading. Styles and composers.

Практическое освоение нотной записи для одной и двух рук. Нотная запись высоты звуков. Скрипичный и басовый ключи. Знаки альтерации. Ритм и метр. Чтение нот и исполнение музыки с использованием различных туше: non legato, легато, стаккато. Обозначения при ключе. Чтение с листа. Стили и композиторы.

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My course offers original individual approach to teaching both children and adults.

Taux horaires : (THB ฿)
1 étudiant : ฿650.00
2 étudiants : ฿600.00
3 étudiants ou + : ฿600.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

Inscription sans frais

Classes will be tailored to the students' expectations, levels, goals and tastes. Broadly speaking, they will involve:

- Repertoire chosen from classics to jazz
- Solfège: spoken, sung and rhythmical
- Sight reading
- General music theory
- Basics of improvisation
- Arrangement
- Harmony/vo

Il corso verrà strutturato a seconda delle aspettative, livelli, obiettivi e gusti degli studenti. In linea generale, il corso affronterà elementi quali:

- Repertorio scelto dal classico al jazz
- Solfeggio: parlato,cantato,ritmico
- Prima vista
- Teoria musicale generale
- Improvvisazione

+ Plus

I majored in jazz piano, on top of having a solid classical music basis. Learning tunes by ear, improvising, composing your own songs are also possible for whoever needs a more heterogeneous approach to music lessons.

Taux horaires : (EUR €)
1 étudiant : 30.00
2 étudiants : €20.00
3 étudiants ou + : €15.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

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Private piano tuition for all ages, all levels


+ Plus

My teaching method is focused on building musicianship as well as touching on the technical side of the performance, to have much better and deeper understanding, and to build a stronger relationship to the music itself.

I do use method books but only for the beginners and some adult starters.

I teach in English or in Japanese.

Taux horaires : (EUR €)
1 étudiant : 30.00
2 étudiants : €25.00
3 étudiants ou + : €20.00
Frais en sus. Voir les détails.

Cours de piano  Cours d'essai 75% de rabais!

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