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Professeurs de japonais Montréal

Cours de japonais à Montréal / En ligne

JAPANESE for JLPT, Travel, Business, Conversation

Professeur: Mihoko Shiohata (Montréal)

JPProfesseur originaire de : Japon. Parle Anglais, Français, Japonais.

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I offer specialized courses for students who want to travel to Japan, who will work in a Japanese company in Japan or who want to learn Japanese by interest in manga or animation. I have 10 years of experience translating, interpreting and teaching Japanese to students of all ages.

J’offre des cours généraux et spécifiques aux besoin des étudiants. C’est un cours pour les voyages, pour les affaires ou pour le plaisir. J’ai beaucoup d’expérience en enseignement, moi-même étant une étudiante d’ostéopathie!

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My program is completely customized to the student's needs. My goal is to respect each student's needs and respond by providing them with the tools that better satisfy their requirements.

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Taux horaires (CAD $ / USD $)

1 étudiant$32.00 [~$23.59]
2 étudiants$20.00 [~$14.75]
3 étudiants ou plus$15.00 [~$11.06]

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Professeurs de grec Montréal

Cours de grec à Montréal / En ligne

Greek Languange Courses

Professeur: Eleftheria Nika (Montréal)

GRProfesseur originaire de : Grèce. Parle Anglais, Français, Allemand.

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All ages and levels are welcome. Each class will include learning new vocabulary, conversation and reading. My main goal is to teach the material and be able to use it in a conversation. There will be written exercises related to the lesson of the day.

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I have lots of personal experience learning a new language. I have the skills and knowledge on how to teach a foreign language to someone. My classes are always fun and i use material according to each individuals' interests. My course material is from Greece and the classes are tailored to students needs and demands.

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Taux horaires (CAD $ / USD $)

1 étudiant$35.00 [~$25.80]
2 étudiants$30.00 [~$22.12]
3 étudiants ou plus$25.00 [~$18.43]

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Professeurs de russe Montréal

Cours de russe à Montréal / En ligne

Russian language. Beginner to Advanced.

Professeur: Natalia Perlina (Montréal)

RUProfesseur originaire de : Russie. Parle Anglais, Français, Russe.

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Whether you would like to read Dostoevsky in the original or chat with your Russian friends over coffee, I will help you enrich your vocabulary, improve listening and speaking skills, and will teach you many useful expressions, you won`t find in the dictionary.

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I use a communicative approach in teaching. The focus is on developing speaking skills and ability to use language in real life situations. We will not spend too much time on grammar and writing exercises, but will play language games and listen to the educational video and songs. You will be also trained in phonetics and pronunciation as well as in other key language skills: reading, writing.The classes are always tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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Taux horaires (CAD $ / USD $)

1 étudiant$25.00 [~$18.43]
2 étudiants$15.00 [~$11.06]
3 étudiants ou plus$10.00 [~$7.37]

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Sound like a Native English Speaker!

This is NOT a conversation course.

I will help you focus on sounding natural when speaking English!

¿Quieres hablar inglés con pronunciación nativa?
Te enseñaré cómo cambiar la forma en que usas los músculos de tu cara para hacer sonidos naturales en inglés!
Para discursos, presentaciones, concursos, ocio, reuniones de negocios, etc.
¡Impresiona a tus amigos con un acento americano natural!

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For speeches, performance, competition, business meeting, etc, I will correct your intonation, and teach you how to change the way you move the muscles in your mouth to make more natural sounds in English! I can distinguish between different American accents, standard UK accent, and standard Australian accents.

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Taux horaires (JPY ¥ / USD $)

1 étudiant¥3,500 [~$32.66]
2 étudiants¥3,000 [~$28.00]
3 étudiants ou plus¥2,500 [~$23.33]
Cours d'anglais
Cours d'essai 50% de rabais!

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