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アラビア語 : ネイティブによる個人レッスン : Utsunomiya, 日本

アラビア語の講師 Utsunomiya
アラビア語 : ネイティブによる個人レッスン Utsunomiyaで / オンライン


Arabic is fun with Umm

講師 umm zaid (Utsunomiya / オンライン)

MA モロッコ 出身. 話せる言語 アラビア語, フランス語, 英語.

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Vous voulez parler l'arabe, et cela vous semble difficile?
Maintenant, il est possible avec moi d'atteindre le niveau souhaité.
Je vous fournirai l'expérience d'apprentissage que vous recherchez, ou pour votre enfant.

You want to speak Arabic, and it seems difficult for you?
Now it is possible with me to achieve your desired level.
I will provide you or your kid the learning experience you are looking for.

I provide a unique teaching experience, depending on the needs of my students.
I offer a trial lesson to check the level of language of the student, then listen to him/her very attentively to figure out what they are their needs. After that I offer every student the materials and techniques he/she need to develop and improve his/her language ability.


(オンラインレッスン, Skype, Zoom)

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価格(60分) (JPY ¥ / USD $)

1対1のプライベートレッスン¥3,000 [~$19.59]
1対2のセミプライベートレッスン¥2,500 [~$16.32]
グループレッスン(3人以上 )¥2,000 [~$13.06]
アラビア語 : ネイティブによる個人レッスン
トライアルレッスン 25% Off !





最適なアラブ語プライベート・セミプライベートレッスン Utsunomiyaで探す

  • プライベート・セミプライベートArab classes 全レベル
  • レッスンを家、オフィス、カフェ、オンラインで好きな時に
  • Learn at your own pace: daytime, evenings, nights and weekends.
  • アラビア語の講師 個々のニーズ・目的にそったレッスンを提供


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    • 自分やグループについて、講師に教えてください
    • レッスンの場所を選択して下さい
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* お支払いして頂いたクレジットで他のレッスンを受けることも可能です

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"Patient et encourageant, le cours est très agréable!", Montreal

"The class was fantastic. The teacher was structured and clear in his intentions, and seemed to adapt the pace, the topics and the comments to my needs and my questions. Friendly and authoritative. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.", Montreal

"I enjoyed the format, as well as the teacher's methods. Listening to video reports was a great way of learning, though it probably would have been facilitated by bringing headphones.", Montreal

"I find myself very lucky to have found Alhan!

She is amazing, incredibly patient, and tailors the class to my professional needs which is exactly what I needed! The classes are fun and so enjoyable that they pass very quickly. I recommend this wonderful teacher to anyone as she seems to adapt to any learning style!
", Montreal

"Très patient et belle méthode d’apprentissage ", Montreal

"Professeur très sympathique.", Montreal

"Très sympa et attentive aux besoins!", Montreal

"Definitely looking forward to next class!", Montreal