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Russian Courses

Russian Teachers Montreal

Russian Courses in Montreal / Online

Russian language

Teacher: Elena Lichko (Montreal)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks French, English.

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All levels of Russian: from beginner's to advanced for all ages adapted for your needs. Russian for business, traveling, mating and culture. The Russian literature and culture.

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My teaching approach consists of a combination of the communicative approach and the traditional study of grammar. The classes are focused on mastering all aspects of the language including enriching vocabulary, practicing in speaking, reading and building on the student's personal knowledge of Russian life and culture. I always make sure to adapt my teaching method to the student's goals and interests.

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$25.00 [~$19.81]
2 students$18.00 [~$14.26]
3 students or more$12.00 [~$9.51]
Russian Teachers Moscow

Russian Courses in Moscow / Online

Русский язык

Teacher: Veronika Matveenko (Moscow)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks English.

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Русский язык, бизнес-русский, русский для туризма

Russian language, Business Russian, Russian for travellings, Basic Russian.

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During Russian language lessons I use different methods and approaches according the level of students and I pay attention to peculiarities of everyone, his/her individual character, good mood and positive atmosphere in auditorium are also important for me.

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Hourly rates (RUB руб / USD $)

1 studentруб1,600.00 [~$20.40]
2 studentsруб1,100.00 [~$14.03]
3 students or moreруб900.00 [~$11.48]
Russian Courses
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Russian Teachers Halifax

Russian Courses in Halifax / Online

Russian language course

Teacher: Victoria Shulga (Halifax)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks Russian, English, Polish.

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Curious about learning Russian? If you want to learn Russian and dive into the Russian culture to broaden your knowledge of other cultures you are in the right place.

Русский язык для начинающих и для тех, кто владеет языком на более продвинутом уровне. Составлю индивидуальный план в соответствии с вашими целями и потребностями и помогу достичь результатов! Расскажу много интересного о славянской культуре и традициях.

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Doesn’t matter why you want to study Russian – in order to read Russian literature in original, be able to chat online with your friends or because you’re going on a business trip to Russia - I can help you.I always adjust my teaching approach to the student's goals and interests. I have a vast experience in teaching and will be happy to share my knowledge with you!

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$25.00 [~$19.81]
2 students$20.00 [~$15.84]
3 students or more$18.00 [~$14.26]
Russian Courses
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Russian Teachers Tokyo

Russian Courses in Tokyo / Online


Teacher: Daniel Syrenko (Tokyo)

UATeacher from Ukraine. Speaks French, English, Ukrainian.

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You can have lessons with me to master the Russian language. I've been teaching languages for more than 5 years. Any level is welcomed. You tell me that you want to learn Russian and what your aim is and I adjust the program for you.

Вы можете учиться со мной, чтобы овладеть русским языком. Ваш уровень не играет роли. Вы мне говорите, что вы хотите выучить русский и какова ваша цель и я подстраиваю под вас программу. Во время уроков могу объяснять всё на английском, французском, русском, украинском и японском.

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First of all, I adjust the program to the student's needs, second of all I don't use old books as I creat the program myself which means that we won't learn useless things but important grammar and vocabulary. I try to explain to my students the main logic of the language, I help to understand the way that the nation sees the world, the way the people think while building their sentences all that simplifies the learning process and mekes feel as if you are one of them. Just tell me your aim!

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Hourly rates (JPY ¥ / USD $)

1 student¥1,500 [~$13.18]
2 students¥1,080 [~$9.49]
3 students or more¥720 [~$6.33]
Russian Teachers Stockholm

Russian Courses in Stockholm / Online

Russe: Cours général progressif

Teacher: Yulia Makarova (Stockholm)

SETeacher from Sweden. Speaks French, English, Russian.

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Le cours général comprend la communication orale, le travail de prononciation, ainsi que l'apprentissage des bases de grammaire, de lexique et de système phonétique. L'accent se fait sur la communication dans des situations quotidiennes.

The general course includes oral communication, pronunciation work, as well as learning the basics of grammar, vocabulary and phonetic system. The emphasis is made on communication in everyday situations.

Общий курс включает в себя устное общение, работая в произношении, а также основы обучения грамматики, лексики и фонетической системы. Основной упор делается на общение в повседневных ситуациях.

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A goal-oriented approach.
Each lesson is dedicated to a certain communicative situation. The theory serves as a tool for the development of certain speech skills.
For beginners I try from the first lesson to give the basics of phonetics. Then we periodically return to phonetics.
Using the best techniques acquired in Russia, the best of Internet resources.
An individual approach.

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Hourly rates (SEK kr / USD $)

1 studentkr300.00 [~$32.29]
2 studentskr150.00 [~$16.14]
3 students or morekr100.00 [~$10.76]
Russian Courses
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Russian Teachers Bern

Russian Courses in Bern / Online

Cours de russe pour débutants

Teacher: Iana Limouzin (Bern)

UATeacher from Ukraine. Speaks English, German, French.

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Le cours a une approche conversationnelle, vous allez apprendre en parlant, tout ce que vous avez besoin d'apprendre ou de compétences dont vous avez besoin pour améliorer, il ya toujours un élément de communication qui se trouve dans le cours.

The course has a conversational approach, you will learn by speaking, whatever you need to learn or skill you need to improve there's always a communication element to be found in the course.

Der Kurs hat einen Konversation Ansatz, sie lernen durch Sprechen, was Sie zu lernen oder verbessern brauchen. Es gibt immer ein Kommunikationselement in diesem Kurs.

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We are going to work on your specific weaknesses.
Wir werden auf Ihre Schwächen arbeiten.
Nous allons travailler sur vos faiblesses.

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Hourly rates (CHF CHF / USD $)

1 studentCHF40.00 [~$43.86]
2 studentsCHF30.00 [~$32.90]
3 students or moreCHF20.00 [~$21.93]
Russian Teachers Victoria

Russian Courses in Victoria / Online


Teacher: Elena Taranenko (Victoria)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks English, Other.

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The plan of lessons depends on the level of a course. If it is Russian for beginners, then we will start with the Alphabet and greetings and other common phrases. We'll read, study personal, demonstrative, reflexive and possessive pronouns. We will learn the vocabulary and many other useful things

План уроков зависит от уровня подготовки студента. Если это начинающий студент, тогда мы начнем с алфавита, начнем читать и изучать простые употребляемые конструкции Мы изучим падежи, местоимения,а так же согласование между существительным и прилагательным и многие полезные яэыковые особенности.

I can also teach ESL or EFL as i am a certified teacher. I graduated from The University of Toronto where i confirmed all my credentials and was certified as a teacher of ESL and EFL.

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I use Explicit - Implicit method which is based on conscious understanding and memorizing of the material of the lessons and also lots of drilling which are very unique, different and fun to do. I possess an extensive teaching/tutoring experience and all my students master the language i was teaching or tutoring to them.

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Hourly rates (CAD $ / USD $)

1 student$35.00 [~$27.73]
2 students$50.00 [~$39.61]
3 students or more$70.00 [~$55.45]
Russian Courses
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Russian Teachers Brisbane

Russian Courses in Brisbane / Online

Russian for Beginners

Teacher: Vanda Kotikova Nissen (Brisbane)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks English, Polish, Other.

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This course is based on the real life conversations. Students will learn how to introduce people in Russian, how to say hello and goodbye, ask directions, buy food.
After the first lesson you will be able to read Russian alphabet.
Designed for the people who have never learned Russian before.

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Based on the real life conversations.

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Hourly rates (AUD $ / USD $)

1 student$60.00 [~$42.75]
2 students$30.00 [~$21.37]
3 students or more$12.00 [~$8.55]
Russian Courses
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Russian Teachers Berlin

Russian Courses in Berlin / Online

Russian (all levels)

Teacher: Sasha Lange (Berlin)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks English, German.

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I offer Russian language lessons of all levels and sorts to anyone who has a passion for learning the language using the ways and approaches that would be interesting for my students. Starting with basic Russian with an emphasis on grammar and survival vocabulary up to the advanced level.

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The key to my way of teaching Russian is to make it engaging and interesting through using fruitful and at the same time unconventional approaches. I believe that the most important thing while learning a language is to dive into it by relating it to culture and one's everyday life. That also concerns grammar, which some people find dull to study -- I know how to make it fun.

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Hourly rates (EUR € / USD $)

1 student€20.00 [~$22.61]
2 students€15.00 [~$16.96]
3 students or more€11.00 [~$12.43]
Russian Courses
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Russian Teachers Mexico City

Russian Courses in Mexico City / Online


Teacher: Svetlana Ogurtsova (Mexico City)

RUTeacher from Russia. Speaks English, Spanish, German.

Course details

Las clases son individuales y pueden contener:
Vocabulario nuevo
Práctica de lectura
Práctica de conversación
La duración se adapta a tus necesidades, así como el plan de estudio.

Уроки индивидуальны и могут содержать:
Новые слова и выражения
Чтение и произношение
Разговорная речь
Продолжительность курса зависит от твоих потребностей, в зависимости от этого я построю план занятий.

The lessons are individual and can consist of:
New vocabulary
Reading and Pronunciation
The duration depends on your necesities, lesson's plan will depend on you.

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Actualmente me especializo en dar clases de ruso a hispano-hablantes en México.
Me dedico a encontrar el método idóneo para cada alumno, de acuerdo a sus objetivos y disponibilidad de tiempo.
Aprender un idioma con un hablante nativo es importante, pero es más importante aún aprender con un especialista para tomar el camino correcto desde un inicio y evitar los malos hábitos.

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Hourly rates (MXN $ / USD $)

1 student$230.00 [~$11.18]
2 students$200.00 [~$9.72]
3 students or more$170.00 [~$8.26]

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The best Russian Courses with qualified teachers

  • Private and semi-private Russian classes for all levels.
  • Take your classes at home, in your office, in a coffee shop, or online.
  • Learn at your own pace: daytime, evenings or weekends. Classes are available from 7 am to 11 pm.
  • Our Russian Teachers personalize their courses according to your needs and objectives.

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What students are saying:

Course: Russian Language

"Teacher is always punctual, prepared and prepares interesting lessons. ", Washington DC

Course: Russian language

"Excellente professeure. Bien organisée. Matériel écrit très utile. Bonne méthode. Impressionnante connaissance des règles de grammaire. Sait répondre à toute question! ", Montreal

Course: Russian language

"It was a great class. It reinvigorated me to study Russian grammar. She explains things very well and gives the needed examples to make it clear. I will definitely continue with this teacher.", Montreal

Course: Russian language. Beginner to Advanced.

"Well prepared and on time. Listens and corrects mistakes . Materials chosen are relevant and interesting.", Washington DC

Course: Russian language. Beginner to Advanced.

"Listens closely and corrects mistakes. Provides interesting materials for reading practice and discussions. Lets me complete sentences before correcting. Good lessons.", Washington DC

Course: Russian language

"Elena est très claire et patiente. Apprendre le Russe avec Elena comme enseignante est une expérience très agréable.


Elena is very clear and patient. A great experience learning Russian with her as a teacher.
", Montreal

Course: Russian language

"Elena is a great teacher. She explains rules and concepts clearly, takes time to answer all questions and makes the classes very interesting.", Montreal

Course: Russian language

"The class was very good and complete, the materials are very useful and Mrs. Litchko is patient and attentive.", Montreal


Why learn Russian? Besides the Russian Federation, Russian is widely spoken in 16 countries in Eastern Europe, where it is often learnt as a second language. Russia is the largest nation in the world and the 9th most populated country, so you will have plenty of opportunities to practice the language. In addition, Russia is an important player in the world's economic and political spheres, being one of the largest producers of oil and other minerals, as well as a prominent space explorer! Russia boasts a rich culture and long-standing traditions that have manifested themselves in the form brilliant artistic masterpieces.

How hard is it to learn Russian compared to other languages? The Cyrillic alphabet might look intimidating at first glance, but it consists of only 33 characters that are easy to learn, so you should't let that put you off. Also, contrary to English or French, the pronunciation of Russian is simple and regular.

Our private Russian teachers

If you are interested in learning Russian with a qualified teacher, give our Russian courses a try. Our teachers will provide you with a highly personalized learning experience and will adapt their teaching methods to your needs and objectives. Whether you want to take your classes online or in person, we have a Russian teacher for you. Whether you prefer to study alone or form a small group, our Russian teachers can accommodate your preferences and schedule.

Why learn Russian with Multi-Language Cafe?

Attending a regular language school may not be the most efficient way to learn Russian if you are quite busy and your schedule can change from week to week. If you would like to study at your own pace and you need to contact the teacher frequently to ask questions or advice, our Russian courses are better suited for you. Register to our courses and you will be able to study remotely via the internet, in the comfort of your home, or at a library or coffee shop near you.

You need to start learning Russian immediately? If you like the idea of a flexible schedule and flexible locations, and if you prefer private or semi-private classes, consult our list of Russian courses. We are always here to help you find the right teachers, register to their courses and book each one of your classes in their calendars.