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Teach Languages Online

Do you want to work giving classes online?

Multi-Language Cafe is looking for experienced, qualified tutors working in the following domains: languages, music, arts, culture, technology, business, sports and school tutoring. We have students from all over the world!

You set your own hourly rates and your own schedule. We handle student registrations, course payments, class bookings and class cancellations, so you can concentrate on what you do best: teaching.

You can teach online using the channel of your choice:

  • Teach online in our virtual classroomOur virtual classroom
  • Teach online by Skype Skype
  • Teach online using Google Hangouts Hangouts
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  • * Classes can also take place in person.

If you are an independent teacher looking for employment, or if you are interested in earning extra revenue teaching online, Multi-Language Cafe is the website you need.

Recent tutor requests:

Student in Montreal: English

I am project manager. I learned English in school in Montreal. But my first challenge is to speak English. I'm scared and I do not know how to go beyond. This is starting to be a problem with recruiters.

Student in Montreal: Japanese

Bonjour, je suis allé au japon en 2008 et j'aimerais bien y retourner et être capable de converser cette fois-ci. Je connais quelque mots mais sans plus. J'aimerais avoir des cours privés si possible.

Student in Montreal: Greek

My girlfriend is Greek and I am personally Italian. It aggravates me when I cannot understand her talking to her family members or friends. I want to change that.

Student in Montreal: Persian

I have no previous experience in Farsi. My long-term objective in a few years is to develop speaking proficiency. I want to start with the fundamentals and develop my spoken, written and understanding skills.

Student in Montreal: Greek

My Greek knowledge is limited. My husband is Greek and I need to learn how to speak it. I tried Rosetta stone and I was able to pick it up, my pronunciation was good but I did not like the way they thought grammar. They never explained the grammar rules they just made you figure it out on your own.

Student in Montreal: Russian

I want to learn Russian language. I try it twice in the past (individual and group). The group is not for me. I remember more with individual pace. Is it possible to have one on one teaching session?

Student in Montreal: Korean

Korean students with very little English who need to learn the basics and have time where they can speak with someone who can help them with translation.

Student in Montreal: Korean

Debutant, objectif est d’etre capable de parler de manière fluide en coréen.

Student in Montreal: Korean

I plan to head to Korea next year to teach English and would like to at least understand part of the language before getting there. I am currently teaching myself hangul with an online source (so I am at a beginner level).

Student in Montreal: Mandarin

I have previously studied before (HSK4). However, due to lack of practice, I lost almost everything. I would really like to pick it up again. As of January I have time to take lessons again.

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