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Alexa Sanford


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City / Country of origin: Las Vegas, USA

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, French


Hi I'm Alexa. I am originally from Las Vegas, but I recently moved from Paris, France where I was working as a private English teacher for 2 years. I love teaching English and making the classes as fun and creative as possible. My previous students ranged from ages 6 to 25 and were French and Italian. I really enjoyed finding unique ways to teach English, including games, songs (for children) and activities.

My interests include travelling, speaking French, reading, writing, exercising and river rafting.


I am currently doing my masters degree in communications, but I received my bachelors from the University Paris Descartes (Paris, France) in Sociology and Anthropology in 2012.


My previous students were French and Italian between the ages of 6 and 25. Some of my students were young beginners so classes included games, songs, role play and writing or coloring exercises. Another one of my students was in a very competitive middle school that needed extensive help with her accent, speaking fluidity, conjugation in the numerous past tenses and writing essays. I taught her anywhere from two to 6 hours per week in preparation for her exams. Other students just wanted help speaking in which case I would prepare numerous speaking exercises on various subjects and we would go over vocabulary and using it in conversation through exercises and games. I have also taught university students that needed help with grammar and writing papers. I know the ins and outs of English grammar and conjugation very well and could thoroughly explain it to students either out loud or through assignments.