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Valentin Weber


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Mother language: German

Spoken languages: English, German, Spanish


Hi there!

My name is Valentin Weber, I am a passionate Austrian teacher of various subjects. My native language is German, but I also speak Spanish, which I learned as an exchange student in the beautiful country of Ecuador. I also love philosophy. Have you ever wondered whether we have free will? What is consciousness? What is the role of religion in our society? All these topics are fascinating to discuss, and I am eager to share the knowledge I have gained. Nevertheless, I also enjoy teaching other school subjects such as mathematics, psychology, political science and economics.


Reifeprüfungszeugnis, BRG Wenzgasse, 2016.


I taught English, philosophy and mathematics to children aged 6-15 during my exchange year in Cuenca, Ecuador, but I also gave private classes to fellow Austrian students in Vienna.

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Free Will