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City / Country of origin: New York, USA

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English


Hello, my name is David. I was born in Denmark and my family relocated to the USA when I was 3-years old. English is both my FIRST and SECOND language. I love to help people learn and improve their skills that is what life is all about. I love especially to teach ages 5-15 as these young people are the future of the world and they are so much fun and ask questions because they want to learn. Interests are really to many to list. I learned to fly when I was 13 years old, swimming, hiking, diving, skiing and anything having to do with nature and the outdoors.....The list is long as I love life and all it has to offer. I love to share what I have learned and experienced because that is how others learn.


My Name is David…..

I am a retired Lawyer, retired over 12+years now. I started teaching English Online 10+ years ago as well as Private in home or office. I teach all levels of English and conversation to all levels of students. I teach in home/office in Bangkok, Thailand or I can teach online to those outside of Bangkok or in foreign countries. My style is to teach to the level and understanding of my students and their needs. I can change and modify my style as we progress and as need dictates. I LOVE teaching ages 5yrs to 15yrs because they are the FUTURE OF THE WORLD and need all the help they can get. English is the #1-language in the world today with over 90% of all countries using English for conversation as well as written. My online teaching style is informal as it tends to relax the students and they then open up to learn and the approach is very effective especially with younger students. I also do and help with Term Papers: correcting, editing and even writing. Please contact me on SKYPE, Email, Face Book or my website.

Course times:

Mon-Fri: 9am - 9pm 1hr, 2hr, 3hr sessions

Sat-Sun: 10am - 9pm 1hr, 2hr, 3hr sessions


Doctorate in Law - Jurisprudence

Masters in Law, Bachelors in Business/Finance, Associates in Business

26-years continuing education courses

10+ Years teaching: Private Tutor, Business/Corporate, Thai Officers Training Command Center

10+ Years teaching private English in home/office/corporate training centers

6+ Yea


Private Teacher -Tutor



English-อังกฤษ, Math-คณิตศาสตร์, Science-วิทยาศาสตร์


เกรด-1-12 และมหาวิทยาลัย และผู้ใหญ่


ฉันสามารถสอน 7 วันต่อสัปดาห์วันอาทิตย์หรือวันพุธ

การอ่านภาษาอังกฤษพื้นฐานการอ่าน การเขียน การสนทนา ภาษาอังกฤษ

สนใจติดต่อ: Mr.David


Grades 1 to 6: Lorene Street Elementary School-Graduated Diploma General Education
Grades 7 to 9: Northridge Junior High School-Graduated Honors Diploma General Education
Grades 10 to 12: Monroe Senior High School-Graduated Honors Diploma General Education
Associate of Arts: Cal State Northridge grad: 1973
Bachelor Of Arts: UCLA grad: 1977
Masters of Law: UNLV grad: 1982
Doctorate Law - Jurisprudence : UCBerkeley grad: 1988


ESL-English, Conversation, Writing, Law, Math, Science. Business English, Medical English, Accounting English, Law/Legal English, Military English, Executive English. 10+ years in Thailand and all to private students aged 5-18, university and adult as well as to Thai Army Officers Training Command and various corporations and executives. Have also taught to many Civic, Youth and Women's organizations.