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Roberto Freddolini


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City / Country of origin: Viareggio, Italy

Mother language: Italian

Spoken languages: English, French, Thai


Ciao, I am Roberto, I am a Professor of Italian Language in Bangkok. I have been living and teaching here for five and a half years now. I am currently teaching as private teacher and I held two courses of Italian Language and Culture at Bangkok University International College in Bangkok. I am very patience and passionate about Italian Language and since I have been living abroad for many years now I know exactly what it means to learn a new language. I had to learn three more languages for necessity.

In so many years of teaching, now 15, I have accumulated enough experience to teach in different situations, styles and kinds of courses. I have taught a variety of courses and students, from kids to adults. I have plenty of books, handouts, flashcards, worksheets, to exercise the four skills. Please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have.


Laurea in Economia Politica (Laurea in Economics), Università degli studi di Parma, 1998.

SISS (Master in Education and Economics), Università degli studi di Ferrara, 2007.



Bologna: Law, Economics (microeconomics and macroeconomics), Italian Language.
Parma: Law, Economics (microeconomics and macroeconomics), Italian Language, Italian for Business, Italian Law (Civil Law), Italian for Economists.


Bangkok: English language, Italian Language and Culture, Italian for Airlines, Italian for Hotel, Italian for Tourism and Management. Latin (medical terms).