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Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, Tagalog


I am Mr. Jemar Manatad, A Bachelor's Degree Holder in Computer-based Education. I am from the Philippines. In today's generation, our mean source of information, knowledge and etc. is the computer. The computer is one the most powerful device in business world or in education. So, I am encouraging you to develop more your computer skills (Java Programming, Flash Animation, Photoshop, Macromedia, Microsoft Applications and Hardware and software troubleshooting). I will be happy and open hand to share my knowledge to you.


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Saint Paul College Foundation Inc. June 2007 - March 2011.


Don Bosco Filipino School Thailand
• Computer/ICT Subject Teacher
Grade 4 up to Grade 11

• TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education)/Home Economics Subject Teacher
Grade 5 up to Grade 11

• MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health) Subject Teacher
Grade 7 and Grade 8

•Filipino Subject Teacher
Grade 6, Grade 9 and 10

Kasintorn Saint Peter School (English Program)
Nothaburi, Thailand

•Computer English Teacher
Kinder 2 – Kinder 3, Grade 1 to Grade 6

•Physical Education (P.E) Teacher
Grade 5 to Grade 12

•Kindergarten Swimming Teacher
Kinder 2 – Kinder 3

•Filipino Subject Teacher
Matium 6 (Thai Program)

Paveena Wittaya School Nakkhonsawan,Thailand

•English Conversation Teacher
Kinder 1 – Kinder 3
Pratum 1 – Matium 6

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General Computer Education