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City / Country of origin: Bangkok, Thailand

Mother language: Thai

Spoken languages: English, Thai


Hello, my name is Sumet, an experienced native Thai tutor from Bangkok Thailand, teaching Thai language to foreigners for years. You can ensure that you will be able to correctly and properly use Thai language with confidence after learning Thai with me. The reason is that I have an experience in both theoretical and practical ways in teaching Thai to foreigners (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing). I always love my Thai classes being fun and effective.

In case you may previously have some problems learning Thai language yourself from many Thai books, I can solve those problems for you by having clear explanation and point out many tricks for you to feel that Thai language is much more easier. So, let's learn Thai and Speak like a Thai!


Certificate of Techniques to succeed in teaching Thai to foreigners from School of Language and Culture of Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan).

Certificate of Business Communication from INSEARCH of University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Master’s Degree (International Program) from Chulalongkorn University, no.1 University in Thailand.


Online Native Thai Tutor through Skype.

Freelance Thai teacher at Sydney in Australia.

Part-time Thai teacher at 2 language schools.

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Thai for Beginner