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Michael Daley


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City / Country of origin: Montreal, Canada

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, French


I have been working in the field of ESL/EFL in various capacities for the last decade. I am originally from Labrador but have been living on and off in the wonderfully cosmopolitan and multicultural city of Montreal since the age of 7. I have worked in the music and film industry but made the career change towards education almost ten years ago. I am passionate about culture, history and travel, and as such, teaching has afforded me the opportunity to live and work in different countries and cultures and allowed me to experience vast diversity and express my creativity through my work. I am passionate about culture, history, and travel.


MS Higher Education - Walden University - 2015. My Master's degree is in global higher education where the focus is on working within an an environment that is culturally diverse and learning about the different challenges that that entails.
CELTA - Cambridge University - 2007
BFA - Concordia University - 2000
Diploma - M.I.S. - Concordia University - 1995


I have taught in Montreal for more than 4 years to a diverse array of students. I have taught General English to every level and age group, as well as Business English to students who have come from more than twenty different countries. My class sizes have varied from 25 students to private, one on one lessons.

I taught in Korea from 2005-2006, the ages and levels were also varied, but all of the students were from the same culture.

I worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 2010-2013 as the academic director of a technical vocational college. Our students were Saudi males between the ages of 18-22 and came to our institute in order to obtain a two-year diploma.

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