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City / Country of origin: Oaxaca, Mexico

Mother language: Spanish

Spoken languages: English, German, Other

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I am internationally experienced Spanish teacher who specializes in teaching foreign students; I teach one on one, in groups, on Face Time or through Skype. I have been teaching Spanish in Denmark, Germany and Mexico.

Mexican culture is fascinating. It is colorful and spiritual. I am a Oaxaqueño (Mexico) and my ancestry is Zoque. The women and men in my family are Shamans. I can also answer any questions you may have about Mexican traditional healing methods, culture or spiritualism.


Diplomado en la Enseñanza del Español para Extranjeros, obtenido en La Facultad de Idiomas de la Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca, Mex., 2016.

Título de Médico Veterinario Zootecnista, acreditado en La Escuela de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia de La Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca, Mex. 2016.


Teaching Spanish to foreign students (international) in Oaxaca, Mex. Basically, the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
Have fun and learn about our Mexican culture while learning Spanish and Mexico as a whole.

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Spanische Sprache im Einsatz