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Vanda Kotikova Nissen


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City / Country of origin: Voronezh, Russia

Mother language: Russian

Spoken languages: English, Polish, Other


My name is Vanda Kotikova Nissen. I am a Russian language teacher, Russian native. I live in Australia, and I am really keen on teaching languages. I primarily teach Russian, my mother tongue.

I've got a PhD in Linguistics, and a degree in Russian language and literature.

I am the author of the book on the Russian speech etiquette. I am also working as a course developer and editor for the major language company.

I've been teaching different types of students including high school students, University students, businessmen, Russian for tourists etc. I would be happy to help you with mastering your Russian!


1. Post doc course. Ösnabruck University. 2008
2.PhD in Linguistics. Voronezh State University. 2001
3.Master of Teaching. Russian Language and Literature. Voronezh State University.1998


I've been teaching Russian since 1998 in Russia, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia. Wide range of students including high school students and businessmen. I have a solid experience in teaching online, I've been teaching via Skype since 2004.

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Russian for Beginners