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Benoit Palante


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City / Country of origin: Brussels, Belgium

Mother language: French

Spoken languages: Spanish, English, Dutch


Hello, I grew up in Belgium. I have been working since 10 years with children doing animation, sports... I studied Educator (specialized in sport and social activities), after working some months, I traveled during 2 years : 1 year in Canada, and 1 year in Chile. And during my travel I begun to give French Classes as foreign language. I give particular classes or group classes. I try to do the class as much interactive that I can. The participation of the student is the key of my method. I like teaching because I like to transmit my knowledge and to learn from the student.


Bachelier : Educateur spécialisé en activités socio-sportives. Haute Ecole de Vinci, Parnasse-ISEI, 2012.


2 years teaching French as a foreign language for children or adults, in Vancouver, Canada, in Santiago de Chile and in Brussels, Belgium.

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