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City / Country of origin: Beirut, Lebanon

Mother language: French

Spoken languages: English, Polish, Italian


French-speaking Polish-Lebanese interested in anything from writing to discovering the world, from creating to understanding, I'm currently based in Brussels and looking at the world through the lens of a coffee-loving fresh parent,

Severely under-sleeping, I'm normally a happy writer at heart, PhD in literature & full-time daydreamer.

I believe that not only everyone can learn a new language or even write a book, but that it can also be fun!

Reading makes me high :-)


I possess a Master degree in French and Francophone Studies (2001), a postgraduate certificate in Cross-Cultural Studies (2004) and a PhD in Humanities (2009). All delivered by the University of Warsaw, Poland.

Since I'm in Belgium, I've taken several trainings, including creative writing and proofreading. I just love to learn :-)


I teach (and have been teaching since the 1st year of my studies, i.e. 1996) all kinds of audiences, mostly French, help with homework, English. Since i'm very much into writing, feel free to contact me if you would specially like to improve your written skills, your creative writing skills or need your papers to be proofread!

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Perfectionnement à l'écrit