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Loudine Heunis

Cape Town

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City / Country of origin: Cape Town, South Africa

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: German, Korean


Hi there, my name is Loudine Heunis and I am from South Africa. I have been teaching English in South Korea since August 2011, and I am currently teaching at a university here. I have had students of all ages, ranging from elementary school to adults and business people. I teach English at any level and to any age group. I love meeting students from different countries and cultures. I also love traveling, music, reading, cooking, photography and studying. I am busy with a Masters degree in Child Studies now, and I will graduate after September 2017.

안녕하세요! 로딘샘 임니다.


MA in Childhood and Youth, Open University, 2017.

B(Hons) Psychology, University of South Africa, 2014.

BA (Psychology), University of South Africa, 2011.

TEFL, MyTEFL, 2014.

TEFL, Cape Town Language School, 2011.

Diploma in Journalism & Multi-Media, CityVarsity, 2005.


I currently teach English in South Korea at a university, and before this position I was a middle school English teacher here in Korea. I have also taught elementary school students here privately and at holiday camps, and teach adults as well as business people.
I previously tutored students with learning disabilities at home, in South Africa, and also taught photography for a semester at CityVarsity in Cape Town, South Africa.

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