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City / Country of origin: Manila Philippines

Mother language: Tagalog

Spoken languages: Tagalog, English, Other


Be ready to learn in a unique way and step-by-step process; whether beginners, average, intermediate, or advanced. Of course you always have the privilege to pick any of those steps depending to your capability.

About me...

I was born and grew up in Manila but as of now I'm living in a beautiful island and also known as The Queen City of the South,Cebu; my present home. I'm a native Tagalog speaker and also, now, a near-to-native Cebuano/Bisaya speaker too,;

I'm a former head-cook and bartender with an NCII certificate holder of the said fields; of which I took in International School for Culinary Art and Hotel Management (ISCAHM). So it's not just language we are talking about here. Anyone who also has an interest in learning new dishes - especially native Filipino or Cebuano food - are very much welcome. The same also goes for those who like to mix their own cocktail drinks to be shared with families and friends at home.

I'm a current web designer and an English-Tagalog, Tagalog-English, Tagalog-Cebuano, Cebuano-Tagalog, English-Cebuano, Cebuano-English translator which I do online; as well as a personal English-Tagalog tutor. I teach some Korean and Japanese students before which referred by some friends. Some of them are trying to learn English and some learn Tagalog.

I love to learn lots of things. I'm a person with full of curiosity I guess.

Let's explore the beauty of learning new things together...


Associate Computer Technology (ACT) - STI Lahug Cebu - 2006
Bartending - J. Palma Institute Cebu - 2011
Fundamentals in Culinary Arts - International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management Cebu (ISCAHM) - 2013


English - Tagalog
Scott H. Cameron

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Matuto ng Tagalog at Cebuano