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City / Country of origin: Dallas, USA

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English


I am a TEFL-certified ESL teacher who is passionate about the ESL experience. With more than 12 years’ communications experience, I have developed the skill set designed to help you achieve your English language goals. In addition, I have devoted several years volunteering and working as a tutor to a wide variety of adolescent and adult students. Because I understand the value of ESL, I have developed the ability to convey my passion for teaching to every level of client. I believe my solid experience, expertise, education and character make me the perfect ESL teacher to help you achieve your English communications skills.


TEFL certification - Teflen College, 2014
M.A. Organizational Leadership - Gonzaga University, 2008
B.A. Theater/Communications - Rockford University, 1995


I have taught ESL to students in countries across the world, including Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, France, Italy, Russia, China and Japan. I have extensive experience teaching Business English - both verbal and written correspondence.

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