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Mother language: Urdu

Spoken languages: English, Urdu, Hindi


Teaching has always been my passion, instead of a way to make money. I have always wished to provide my students with the best i know and i have always tried my best to deliver it carefully. During my time at Radiant College, i have had the opportunity to teach Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 students and i am proud to say that i have always delivered what was expected of me by the administration of the institute. As i mentioned earlier, i taught Software Programming Languages, i delivered text book material as well as the fresh updated version of the knowledge i was supposed to deliver.

The reason for leaving Radiant College is that the administration is thinking of narrowing the scope of studies, and they might opt out the technology courses soon enough. It is time for me to move on to a bigger platform, with almost three years of teaching experience at my hand.

As a software developer and designer, i am responsible to design the updates and implement the patterns and designs. I am working on Java and .NET simultaneously, since i have to work on cross department projects at a number of times.


Project Management Professional (2017)
Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology (2014)


C/C++ (Desktop and Game Development): 3 Years
C#, .NET (Desktop and Web Application Development): 3 Years
Java: Desktop, Web, Mobile and Network Development: 3 Years
HTML / CSS / JavaScript (Front end Development): 4 Years
UI Design and Development: 4 Years
MATLAB: 2 Years
Verilog: 1 Years
Micro controller: 1 Year