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Tracy Lawlor


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City / Country of origin: San Diego, California

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English, Spanish


My name is Tracy. I am from San Diego, California. I am passionate about learning and teaching foreign languages. I love people and enjoy immersing myself in other cultures. I am a runner and also go to the gym regularly. I love to read and talk with new people. I am a "people person" and get along well with people from all backgrounds and cultures.


TEFL Certified - course through Via Lingua in Firenze August 2015 (graduated August 28th 2015).
Masters Degree in Social Work from San Diego State University.
Bachelors Degree in Psychology from University of Colorado at Boulder.


As a school counselor, I taught groups with children and teens. These lessons were focused on social issues. I facilitated cognitive-behavioral therapy groups, process groups, mindfulness/meditation, groups on divorce, bereavement, social skills, bullying, making friends, substance use/abuse, self-harm and many more. I also taught parent education trainings. As the program manager for a domestic violence program on Maui, HI, I taught anger management classes and classes to the perpetrators of domestic violence.

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