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Chauncey Roberts


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City / Country of origin: Charleston, West Virginia, USA

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: German, French, Spanish


An American writer/songwriter and business English teacher, I graduated from liberal arts Hampden-Sydney College (10th oldest in the US) with a BA in history, did graduate studies in South Asian Studies and Hindi at the University of Washington (Seattle), with a junior year abroad in Freiburg, Germany. Southwest Germany has been my home base in Europe since 1989. Further, I have lived and taught all over East and Southeast Asia and in the Arab World where one of my songs was on the radio at the time of the Arab Spring. My focus has been on presentation and negotiation skills, including with top staff with Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, Nivea, UN reps, and government ministries.


1) BA, Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, Virginia, USA, 1983

2) The above includes Junior Year Abroad, Institute for European Studies, Albert Ludwig University, Freiburg, Germany, 1981-1982

3) One years toward MA, South Asian Studies, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA, 1984 (incomplete due to car accident & head injury)


Presentation and Negotiation Skills as part of Business English in Ukraine, the Slovak and Czech Republics, Turkey, Tunisia, Taiwan.

Collegiate English and drama at what us now University of Sopron, University of West Hungary Savaria Campus, Szombathely, Hungary.

At the Law faculty of the second most important law school in the Czech Republic (in Brno).

At Libre University in Tunis, Tunisia, preparing mainly SubSaharan African students for studies in management and business.

Amideast (America in the Middle East) business English at contracted locations such as Johnson Controls, one-on-one tutoring, etc.