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Giovanni Dini

Ho Chi Minh

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City / Country of origin: London, England

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese


Hi! I'm an English teacher living and teaching in Vietnam. I am available as an online tutor or in person here in Ho Chi Minh City.

I love teaching because I am fascinated by the method involved in increasing a student's ability. I focus first on boosting your confidence and making my lessons enjoyable for you. With improved confidence, my students can be challenged with interactive methods that I developed myself. My experience is that my students have a lot of fun and study more as a result of the motivation I can unlock. As an example, following my course, it's possible to actually enjoy writing IELTS essays, which then makes it a lot easier to get that 7 - 7.5 you were looking for!

In the last year, I have also been teaching intermediate and advanced academic writing and have developed my own courses to make your university, high school or even creative work more intuitive and easier to handle.

I hope to hear from any students needing to improve a specific skill in time for an exam or for professional purposes, or for those needing help with conversation or who are just studying out of interest.

My background pre-teaching is as follows: Raised and educated in the UK, Italian parents, studied History, Spanish and Portuguese at The University of Nottingham, worked in youth charities as a group facilitator and have since taught in Spain, Brazil, England, Italy, Vietnam and online.


BA Hons in History, Spanish and Portuguese, University of Nottingham, 2011.


I have taught English (IELTS, communication, creative writing) in Rio de Janeiro (4 months), Madrid (6 months), London (1 year), Catania (6 months) and Ho Chi Minh City (2 years).

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