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Ruth Sheffer

Kfar Saba

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City / Country of origin: London, England

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: French, Spanish, Mandarin


Hello I am a British teacher of English and Hebrew. I have been living in Israel for 37 years. I have an MA in Literature, and teaching certification in ESL. I taught high schoolers here in Israel for 30 years and then I went to China and taught University students there. While I was there I learnt a little Mandarin Chinese but I am not that good! I used to teach only English but recently I have had many people request that I teach Hebrew, so now I actually teach more Hebrew than English.You are welcome to learn English or Hebrew with me.


BA (French, Spanish) University College, London, UK 1979.

MA (Literature) Hebrew University Jerusalem 1983.

English teaching Diploma International House London 1979.

Teaching certification in English as a Foreign Language School of Education, Hebrew University 1983.


English as a Second Language - Ort High school, Jerusalem.

INTEL- English for employees.

Hebrew University- Adult English courses.

Zhejiang University of Agriculture - English to English majors.

Xiamen University of Technology - English to non English majors.

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עברית מדוברת