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Janine McNally-Trainor


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City / Country of origin: Ireland

Mother language: English

Spoken languages: English


Hi, My name is Janine and I am from Northern Ireland. I am 33 years of age, married and live in Portugal. I love travelling and meeting new people.  In my spare time I am a wedding photographer.


I have 7 GCSE's Grade B-C
I have a bachelors degree in Business Studies.
I have 7 Years Experience teaching English as a TEFL Tutor in Seoul, South Korea.


 I have been teaching English for over 7 years now as an ESL Tutor. I taught English in South Korea for over 5 years, developing my skills teaching grammar, speaking and conversational skills to students. 

I have experience teaching a range of student levels from beginners to high level CEO's.  I have taught children, teenagers and also adults to develop their English abilities for a range of work or personal requirements. 

I now teach online to students from all around the world. Some student simply want to have general conversations to enhance their skills, while other students like to have a structured lesson to develop and progress at a fast pace.  I have adapted my skills to meet the needs of my students.

I am a kind natured teacher who will correct your imperfections when I feel appropriate. I am welcoming of all students, regardless of their abilities and I promise to work as hard as you to improve your English Language skill.  

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