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Paolo Coruzzi


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City / Country of origin: Turin, ITALY

Mother language: Italian

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, French


Hi I'm Paolo! I come from the beautiful city of Turin in Italy.

I'm a very dynamic, inspiring, enthusiastic teacher of Italian and I'll be very happy to bring my enthusiasm in your reality.

In my country I've taught Italian literature and grammar in secondary school, and Italian language in private schools for foreigners.

As well as a teacher, I'm working for over twenty years in theater and music, acting and directing numerous shows, doing concerts in a lot of countries, producing and editing audio, photo and video.

During those years I've worked in schools teaching Literature, Music a Acting. I've written songs, poems and dramas for theatre.

I've also played, act and sing all around the world.

In my spare time I usually travel in the way to explore something magical and ancient…to find new ideas, inspiration and beauty.

I practice Tai Chi and Yoga and in the past I've trained different sports to high levels. 

Today my attention is on the study about the influence of spirituality on human beings, and how to help them to reach their happiness...

It will be a pleasure to put all my experience at your disposal.


Specialization as Sound Engineering
Music Lab Studio in Settimo T.se, Imagina Production in Torino
Acoustics, Electronics, Audio recording, mixing and mastering, light design.

Master's degree in Italian Literature
University of Torino
Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature, English Literature, History of the Theatre, History of Music.

Specializations - Music
Guitar: Classical, Electric and Acoustic, Singing, Harmony, Theory and Solfeggio
Ass. Musicale Valentino Zorino, Lizard Academy, Maestri: M.Roagna, L.Vagnone, M.Bianco

Diploma - Theatre
Acting, Writing, Direction
Teatro Nuovo di Torino, Teatro d’Uomo di Torino, Teatro Regio di Torino,
Accademia dello Spettacolo di Torino, Teatro Continuo di Padova.

Specialization in Photoraphy
Photoraphy, light design, B/W print, fashion-reportage-still life
Classic Moda in Turin


Italian literature and grammar in secondary school, and Italian language in private schools for foreigners.
Acting and history of Theatre.
Guitars acoustic and electric.

In Turin

I taught people of all ages

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